Turning a new leaf

Gwenna has always been a source of inspiration. From before she was born, her tiny growing body inspired me to create things for her, to rest more, and to pray. A lot. Since her birth I have understood far more the love God has for us, I have felt the need to dedicate the majority of my time to nurturing her, and I have wept inwardly (and occasionally outwardly) as I have seen her grow.

That's quite a ride for just over 4 months.

Once again Gwenna is inspiring me. As of late Gwenna has been rolling all over the blanket covered floor. (My rug is clean and vacuumed. Why the blanket?) She started a couple weeks ago and I called my mother, just brimming with glee. Sadly, I wasn't able to view the blessed event. I have finally been witness to this glorious feat of strength (she never rolls belly to back, but back to belly, rather).

And just today Gwenna rolled over, scooted a little, found her toys, and played on her belly. All by herself, leaving my to my spaghetti lunch wiles.

Well all this rolling around and growing and learning is something of a wonder to me. Wasn't it just last month she was confined to her back (or occasionally belly) and entirely dependant on me for her mobile functions? Gwenna is learning every day and growing. It has caused me to think of how I have been growing the past few months.

Well, giving birth to a little baby girl and adjusting every aspect of my life immediately was a growing experience. Shortly after Gwenna was born, being called the the Primary Presidency was a big learning experience, and still is. I'm learning time management and how to love more. I'm also learning when to rush in and when to let her cry. I'm learning a lot about people: how they communicate, how to be appreciative yet rarely take advice, how to commiserate properly. I'm learning about me and I'm learning about Ted.

Gwenna is inspiring me to keep learning. She learns so much every day. And I want to as well. So here's what I'm working on:

Healthier eating habits

Keeping my body healthy and in shape
Reading more, book club helps
Routines to keep my home in order
Volunteer opportunities
Being a better visiting teacher
Remembering to be grateful

She's such an inspiration to me and I hope I can be the same for her some day. She's so dependent upon me, upon Ted. I never want to let her down. Of course, it's the nature of the beast, being a parent and all. But someday, I hope I am to her what she has been, thus far, to me.


Heather said...

Beautifully written, Kelly.

Erin said...

I love the three pictures of you guys on your header. I love this post!

Cortney said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more! Addelynn is growing up way too quickly right before my eyes. Most days I just want to hold her so tight to stop the clock from ticking, but I know that this is a part of life. She used to depend on me for EVERYTHING and although she still does in alot of aspects, she is becomming for self reliant everyday. I can't believe my itty bitty baby is almost 11 weeks old. Why does time have to slip away from us? I want to savor every moment, every milestone, pictures can't be taken quick enough, and my hand can't make it fast enough to the baby book to write down everything! I guess that is the bitter sweetness of motherhood. I love her so much and am in awe of how she is growing and teaching me every day!

Shannon said...

Hey Kelly! Totally don't know if you remember me from high school but I saw your name and had to come see your family! Your little one is so adorable and you look great!

Shannon Checketts (Giles)

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

thank you for this post kelly. i just love to read your blog. and the new header is so great. gwenna is such a beautiful little lady!