second things first.

I know the title of this makes no sense by itself. I'm trying to say that you should look at the post below, apparently being as vague as humanly possible.

Who doesn't love a good photo collage? If the answer to that (rhetorical) question is you, just skip down to the next post and call it good.

For my first selection (I feel like a concert pianist, probably the only time I'll say that in my entire life.) ... I'd like to share pictures of what I'm grateful for today. L to R, T to B.

When I was young my grandma (Goggy) had two nutcrackers and I just loved them, mostly because she would take my sister and me to see "The Nutcracker". Now that I'm a grown up (or at least I have grown up... or aged) I like nutcrackers in my house. My mom sent this one up with my brother this past week and he's so fun! Thanks, Mom.

Our neighbors Seth and Jane give us lots of good baby things. And they can bake like nobody's business... except ours because they bring us treats. They gave us our Bumbo chair and Gwenna loves it. She's starting to figure out how to get out of it, but as long as I have my eyes on her it still works well. Thanks, Seth and Jane (and Grace, who did not like it).

Our house is drafty. Maybe that's because it's older than Ted (whose birthday is in 6 days) and maybe it's because we have old windows and no thresholds on our doors. But that thing (whatever it is!) keeps the breeze out mostly and keeps us warm mostly. I got a smokin' good deal (!) on the two we have, at Linens N' Things last month because they're going out of business. Thanks, failing economy.

Oh and finally the three new hats. Gwenna got three new hats yesterday from Ted's boss's husband's work closet. Weird, I know. He's a neo-natal ICU nurse and their closet is OVERFLOWING with handmade hats and blankes. So thank you, old ladies who donate too many hats to Flagstaff Medical Center.

For my second selection (still feel like a concert pianist, so maybe I was wrong) ... some pictures of Flagstaff in the winter time which I took without leaving my house. Because it's cold. And snowy.

Mostly they are pretty self explanatory. I just wanted to throw in a tid bit about the bottom right picture which shows a large branch on our tree that collapsed under the weight of the snow. There's a lot of snow, folks. Nigh unto feet! Well, at least 1 foot and another half a foot.

When I was anticipating moving to Arizona in 1998 I had visions of cacti and cowboys dancing in my head (a direct throwback to The Nutcracker). How was I to know I'd find this? Sure glad I did or I would not live in Arizona anymore, that's for sure. I might have ended up somewhere close & cold, but weird... like Utah.

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Amy Sprinkle said...

One more day of school! This week has been rockin' too. Unfortunately we don't have the snow end of things, just the fog and rain, but the weather has been warmer.