"one is silver and the other gold"

I have a cool husband.

If you read my blog regularly and don't know that by now, you're a poor reader. Really, you might want to go back to second grade.

With his graduation money my cool husband wanted tp make a purchase for our family, a purchase for posterity. He wanted a Christmas wreath.

But not just any wreath. A BIG wreath. And he got it! ... and then some.

We went to Michaels and bought the giant wreath for 9.99, 50% off. Then we went to finding some fun to spruce it up (pun intended). I am just in love with natural feeling decorations this year and also with red and gold. I was happy Ted wanted to make the big wreath red and gold to match our home. With gold flowers, red, flowers, white flowers, sparkly things, a huge bow, and a cheeky Santa, we went to work.

It was fun! I've never done a wreath before and I really liked it. But it was a BIG project. It's about 3 feet across.

Since it was much cheaper than Ted had anticipated we splurged (not really) on a small wreath for our front (or back, not sure yet) door.

Now I said I'm all over red and gold this year, but how much do you LOVE the blue, silver, and white? I LOVE it and I think you my sister Niki when I look at it. Isn't it cute, Nik?

See? My husband is cool and I guess I posted my holiday decorations too soon. Oh well, more fun for everyone!


Dusty + Mary Anne said...

hey crafty lady (and ted)...way cool project! looks great! now that I just finished my last class and have some free time on my hands until Tuesday, maybe i'll make something too!

Anonymous said...

Love the Chanukah colors! Happy early graduation wishes, Ted! I just finished my last class of the semester and I'm thrilled, I can't imagine how you're feeling! ~ Niki

Jewel said...

Gorgeous. both of them!! And no, it's not too early at all to be posting holiday decorations!!