it's going to be hard.
i want to elaborate on why i'm grateful for each thing but i'm going to just list instead. in no particular order, i'm grateful for:

1. prayer, that i can turn to my Heavenly Father any time, anywhere, for any reason.

2. really yummy food and tonight it's talapia, creamy risotto, and spinach salad. seriously yummy.

3. my friends, and i have some of the best.

4. that christmas is over. the anticipation was killing me. i was up at 3 am christmas morning and never really fell back asleep.

5. my wonderful family, as shown below. i couldn't ask for a better one. they take care of me, make me laugh, and i am oh-so-grateful for them. seeing even a picture of us makes me heart swell.

6. my calling at church. i thoroughly enjoy being in primary. i love the kids. i love to hear them sing and see how quick they learn and retain knowledge. i love them. a lot.

7. a talk given in church today. brother cardon, from doney park, spoke on commitment and trial of our faith and agency and planning... and how futile planning can be if you're planning something contrary to the will of the Lord. i needed to hear that and i've got a lot of thinking to do on it.

8. the snow is melting. it was super fun to go sledding and it was fun to build a snow man. it was very enjoyable to have a white christmas. but now it's melting a little and that is a very good thing.

9. curious george (picture later, i'm sure). gwenna got george for christmas and she adores him. he's almost as big as her.

10. after christmas sales. we're stocked for next christmas's decorations and the one after that and the one after that...

11. the scriptures. i love to read and absorb the words written right to me.

12. church. i've been in a church fog (ever been there?) the past month and a half or so but today my fog cleared and i was able to listen and soak it up. i missed that. i love church!

13. our car. reliable and good for or family.

14. the internet. it makes it too easy for me to daydream and waste time, but sometimes i need to do that for just a bit for my sanity.

15. that the Lord knows me and knows my needs and blesses me accordingly.

i tried hard not to elaborate more than necessary on each point. i tried to keep it short and i think i succeeded. those are 15 things i am really grateful for today. what about you? do you have one or two or fifteen or fiftey things you're really grateful for?

ps. i got this for christmas. i have a goodly husband. i'm virtually beside myself in excitement every time i look at it, or use it, or think about it.

pps. on a totally unrelated note, buddy ran away. not from my house, from his new house. and OH! can he run! his new owners called us. amy, maybe you were right, he got wind of you and wes in town and tried to find you. he climbed a snow bank, hopped the fence, and his nose did the rest of the work. i'm quite sad about this. i hope he finds his way home. it sure is cold out there...


Wesley Sprinkle said...

What a coincidence- we are having tilapia too!

Kelly said...

and it was DANG good!