my nest

Really, my nest is my house but today, like many days, I've built a nest in a nest. A little spot on my living room floor where everything necessary is within arm's reach. Because of my nesting ability (totally different than stockpiling for an impending birth) I am able to get awesome pictures like this one:

Last week Gwenna was balancing against my leg while standing and squirming and fell dead asleep in my lap. It was awesome. Because of my spectacular nesting ability, I was able to reach for my camera and document this amazing event and then email a real time update to my mom at work. It's pretty much awesome, a perfect talent for a newer mom.

Let me share some of the important twigs in my nest.

Something to keep my dually busy. Freshly folded, warm towels. They double as a rockin' foot rest on this chilly day.

Today the bulb syringe (i.e. snot sucker) is vital as baby G is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Also, our diaper kit, which gets dragged all over our living room which includes the all important butt paste.

This is quite typical, the lap top within arms' reach. It's normally not angled like that, but it's against a stack of kitchen and hand towels, on top of my slippers (important for that cold tile floors, and hiding a bottle of water... which has nothing to do with the angle. Oh, and google chat open on my computer is vital to the nest, maintaining work-day communication with the Papa Bird.

Lastly, my darling nest mate, Baby G, who is watching Everyday Foods while still on my lap, drooling and eating her hand and babbling. Thanks for touring my nest. Who knows what tomorrow's twigs will be!


Heather said...

You are just too cute, Kelly. As is precious Gwenna!

Geneva said...

Hey what is your address so I can send you a new years card? e-mail me at geevz65(at)

Erin said...

You are very creative Kelly!! I love the first picture of Gwenna asleep on your lap. That's adorable. Happy New Year to you guys!

camilla said...

i am so glad that you know the importance of nesting! yea! It looks like yo'uve got a great one set up. lol. enjoy your nest, because before long, you will be a endurance runner. lol.