It's beginning to look a lot like... well, you know the rest.

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!" ... Not that I have a goose and if I did he probably wouldn't be fat, but obese because I like to feed people... and things, I guess.

Our house is feeling the Christmas spirit. My Christmas decorating philosophy is two fold:

First, Christmas decorations are best when they are home made. They're more meaningful and to me that makes them better, at least in my house.
Second, I don't like to decorate my house so full of things that when I take them down my house feels empty. I like the decorations to be an addition to the year-round decor.

That being said, here is a little glimpse into our home's holiday little black dress.

Here is a close up on my home made garland. Gold and brown pine cones along with little sprigs of pine tree along some rustic looking twine. Of course there are red ribbons as well because I sure love ribbon. I just wanted to give a close up of that because I had so much fun making it and I love the way it turned out. On to the collage -

The small glazed nativity was made for me by my friend Tamra. I love it. Mary and Joseph live in the junk drawer most of the year and I'm aware that that sounds really bad. But it isn't, it helps me keep Christmas with me all through the year. The mistletoe on the door is not one you can necessarily stand under, mostly you just kiss by it. It has a big jungle bell so I like it on the door.

I love warmth so there are a couple candles in my decor (thanks, Niki) and more to come. The picture of Gwenna's stocking is small, but rest assured it is cute. I'm not great at sewing but - oh! - have I mastered the art of fabric paint!

I love it all. Subtle but festive. But my ALL TIME favorite Christmas decorations is...

... this little girl in this Christmas dress. Oh goodness she's cute. I'll never get over her cuteness.

My secnd favorite decoration is...

my snowy winter wonderland! All I have to do is look out my back door to see this wonder. Ok, ok, so not right now, and maybe that's a picture from last year, but it's coming. ... Hopefully not before Friday because that is the blessed day of TED'S GRADUATION (!!!) and I want to make it a smooth experience for all.

So that's my decorating philosophy and some of my favorites this year. What are your favorites? Do you have one very special decoration that makes it's big debut year after year?


Amy Sprinkle said...

I remember all the wonderful snow last year. I kinda miss it. It snowed a little today in Stillwater. That made me happy and reminded me of Flagstaff.

Joneses said...

Love the home made garland. You have a beautiful daughter. David and I send our congratulations.
Cool cooking blog too!