from the inside looking out.

From the inside looking out, on this pure and snowy day I:

can see this winter wonderland,

am utilizing my stockpile of tissues and am glad to have it,

am admiring a baby who loves to roll over onto her tummy and is working on both getting there by rolling towards the right and undoing it by rolling left,

can see a huge, moist accumulation outside my back door
(our little fence is about 16-18 inches tall),

am thinking about job possibilities and life changes,

am feeling (slightly) guilty because APS allowed us to take part in the equalizer plan based on our average energy usage the past year and now I'm cranking the heat,

thinking my walls are going to come crashing to the ground every time the snow plow goes by - so grateful for what it's doing and still a little afraid of the noise -

L-O-V-E ing on this little Eskimo who adores her super warm snow suit,

missing Ted because he's at work, sadly,

wanting to eat handfuls of these designer pretzels (hardening up on the dryer) and -

am still happy that they fit so nicely in these homemade containers.

That's my view from today and a lovely thing it is.
How's your view?


Erin said...

Look how crafty you are!! Cute gifts.

Mary Anne + Dusty said...

hmmm...i could handle your view for a little bit. especially those pretzels in a little cute container like that. however, my view of "winter wonderland" IS somewhat similar, and you seem to be taking it better than I am. good for you.

Kelly said...

that's just b/b i don't have to go out in it. hang in there mary anne

Heather said...

Wow, lots of crazy cold snow. Here I am not wanting to go out in our dreary drizzle. I posted my view on my blog, thanks for the inspiration, I was draggin'.

(My word verification is "summur", I think it is mocking me...)

Amy Sprinkle said...

I was looking up the weather at lunch today and saw Flagstaff was getting snow and the FUSD had a snow day today. Today we had gloomy cold ice/freezing rain. This morning I pulled out of the garage and it was misting. Then the mist began freezing on the windshield. I cranked up the defrost. That is what they call freezing rain.

Kelly said...

Yuck. I hate freezing rain. It serves very little purpose. I was thinking about you guys in OK 'cuz when we had no snow you had snow and now that we are getting upwards of a foot now (with another foot expected tomorrow) I thought you might. Guess not?

Amy Sprinkle said...

It is still gloomy, no snow. Here it is cold but doesn't get lots of snow, just the freezing stuff. Two more days til school is out!