ff, better late than not at all!

Today's fantasy Friday came true!

These people:

(Lisa and Craig)

came to my house -

to celebrate this:

(Lisa's birthday)

... with this little beauty -

(a double-decker chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese filling and chocolate butter cream frosting... entirely from SCRATCH)

which I made.

Oh yeah.

Good friends, good reason to celebrate, and goooood cake.

Life is good.


Amy Sprinkle said...

I'm jealous. That cake looks GOOD!

Craig & Lisa said...

Man oh Man that was a good CAKE! I am still savoring the sweetness of the frosting and the filling and the cake part -- ok the ENTIRE thing! Thanks for such a fun quick evening! -- Lisa Kay

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

i remember her! good woman. and i love the idea of having gwenna help out around the house. definitely worth making note of. i can't believe how big and tall she's standing up! goodness girl, don't grow up too fast.