The Day (Our) Music Died.

I didn't think I'd really see a day when both my kids grew up at once.
But today it happened.

We met a really nice lady. She came to our house when her daughter read Ted's Craigslist post and it was love at first sniff... Buddy and Ruthie.

Today we brought Buddy to Ruthie's two and a half acre home. (Before he left though, in Buddy fashion, he managed to sneak a hat of Gwenna's, swallow the entire thing, and regurgitate it in his own bed. He went out with a bang.) ... She built her home when her daughter moved to Europe, one of her four children. You know, the fire fighter, the nurse, and the two doctors. ... She built it with her own two hands over the course of six years and it's amazing. It's small, homey, and antiquated. I fell in love with it right away. Everything from the vintage coke machine to the bead board walls beneath the chair rail to the hand tiled drop sink screamed love.

Her other 6 dogs (2 rescue gray hounds, 2 chihuahuas, and 2 beagles), 2 pot bellied pigs, and little pony of a horse took to Buddy really well. Charlie, the man of the house, was pretty fond of him too.

Lillian, the little sweetheart of a grand daughter rode around the property on a little power wheels truck pulling a tiny trailer and Buddy chased along side her. The six year old grand son was expected that afternoon and everyone knew he'd love Buddy.

So off went my little read headed first born. He is where he belongs. We have loved him and taught him so much, painstkingly, and in return he has loved us and taught us, with ease and joy.

I can't wait to go back to see him. So in his element, running the land, chasing the dogs, cowering around the horse. .. That horse (which I fell hard and heavy for, my heart still beats with her) is going to give Buddy a good reality check with her hind legs one of these days. And that's okay. I've always encouraged Buddy to learn his own lessons.

I imagine I'll do the same with Gwenna. Today Gwenna lost her sing-songy baby cry. I was slightly convinced this had already happened over the course of the past several weeks. Her cry had been changing. Then today, some big girl's cry filled the lungs and escaped through the mouth of my tiny girl. Well, she used to be tiny. Now she rolling around on the floor and babbling like a baby twice her age... except that she is twice the age I think she is.

I know this is just the beginning of a thousand changes we'll experience together. I thought it was rather symbolic that Buddy's manly boy howl (only understandable if you can hear and see it) and Gwenna's sweet melodic cry (oh-so-possible) left me on the same day. The nest is expanding and retracting all at the same time. And I couldn't be more proud of my precious singing birdies.
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Heather said...

Oh! Sounds like Buddy found the perfect home! Good job Ted & Kelly.

The Browns said...

Oh! That's so sad!! But good that Buddy found another happy home! We need to get those pics of Gwenna before she gets ANY older! =]

Amy Sprinkle said...

I am happy for Buddy, and his way of saying good-bye made me laugh. Oh Buddy!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

it sounds like he is in a very happy place. good for buddy. you both deserve that. i am still quite amused at the fact that he ate a hat. a HAT? that's just...gross/funny/weird? what a dog.

and yes, there will be much celebrating in the land when December makes Ted and I both college graduates. oh happy happy day.