Blessings of Thanksgiving

Just a pictorial update of the past week. No FF post today. Just a catch up.

Gwenna is a big girl now and loves to sit up on the couch and watch movies with Mom.
This picture was taken before we left for Mesa for Thanksgiving.

We spent the holiday gobbling down the yummiest food at my mom and dad's house. Oh the food! The GRAVY! Yum. That's about all I can say about that.
But, while in Mesa, we stayed with Niki and Andrew, my sister and brother-in-law.
While there, Ted (with Andrew's help) built a linen closet. The closet was there, of course, but the shelves were not and they knocked it out in a few hours... over the course of an evening, night, and day.
Darn Wii!

We visited with family, including this big kid... He looks a lot like my nephew Tommy but he's WAY too big to be Tommy. ... So, really, I guess I'm saying that these babies are growing up too fast!
Tommy is crawling all around, pulling himself up on everything, and he has an appetite for paper.

Aunt Anna and Gwenna. Some might say Gwenna looks a little fussy (which she was) but I'm going with distracted. Isn't my sister so pretty? I love this picture. Anna is baby crazy and she had so much fun with Gwenna and Tommy. She said all we needed was ab out 3 or 4 more babies. I'm not going to be solely responsible for that increase, that's for sure!

We had a great Thanksgiving. It was so great to spend time with family and see everyone growing up.
The day before we left for Mesa I lost my mind for about 10 minutes. Sometimes it seems like my house will never be clean for more than 10 minutes at a time. Ted and I had gone shopping and came home and I felt like there was nowhere to put anything. I told Ted I needed a bigger house and I couldn't take living here anymore.
So we got to work. We cleaned the kitchen, the living room, and under the stairs and ended up with about 3 garbage bags full of things we didn't need anymore. We did that about a month earlier upstairs and purged the same amount.
By time we were done, and I was mopping the floors, I was so happy to be home and in MY home. It's amazing how much difference a little purging and cleaning can do. I really do love my house and I love the feelings of peace and contentment we can feel here.
This Thanksgiving I'm so grateful for my family (immediate and extended) and for my home. Ted and Gwenna make my home a place I want to be. I was so happy to arrive home last night, put on pajamas, drink hot apple cider, and cuddle with Ted on the couch while Gwenna slumbered away, straight through the night. This is a happy place for me and I'm so glad to be home!


Erin said...

This post makes me happy. Happy that you're happy! And it makes me want to clean my house too. Heaven knows it needs it after a loooong and eventful week. Happy Thanksgiving to you three!

Kelly said...

Awh thanks. We are happy. Thanks for the well wishing.

scottishrose45 said...

WOW! I almost didn't recognize Tommy. Thanks for posting pictures. With as often as Jenny posts pics on her blog, I see him more on yours than her and Tim's (and I know you've never met me...i hope it isn't weird that I check out your blog)

Kelly said...

It totally isn't weird. ... I agree, Tommy is HUUUGE and SO cute and just crawling all over the place. He's growing up SO fast!!