because i can.



because i can and i'm so lucky to be able to.

because i want my opinions and beliefs to matter.

because if i don't, i can't expect anyone else to.

because i feel strongly about a lot of things. some of them were on the ballot.

because of her:

because i want this world to be the best it can be for my little girl.

and as long as i'm here, too, i'd like to enjoy it as well.

and honestly, ted thinks if i didn't vote, i'd turn into the swingvote. who wants to be that?! get this whole thing OVER with!


Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Me too. that is to say "so did I."

Okay so I started to leave a comment on the post below, and then never finished it, and then started again, and never finished, and here I am now, finally doing what I wanted to do so many other times before!

I loved the garden costume. I mean really it had to be the most creative baby costume I'd heard of this year. Or any other year for that fact. Too cute.

Oh yeah, and I can't wait until there is no school, no homework, and only washing babies and eating ice cream on my to do list. I mean really I'm sure that just sums it up for any day of the week, right? That sounds like a dream :) I'm glad you're living it.

Casey said...

Well said, girl, well said. Didn't it make you feel good? Yesterday was the first election where I actually voted at the polls and not through a mail-in ballot, and as cheesy as it sounds, I even got a little teary as I drove away just thinking about how lucky we are to have the freedom to contribute when so many countries in this world don't share that same freedom. We are blessed!
And by the way, I want the world to be the best it can be for your little girl too--she's just so dang cute!