And what of Sunday?

Today I did this:

That's a picture of my bandaged thumbs,
the ones I burned at the same time
at 8:00 this morning,
while preparing breakfast.

Before I showered, got dressed, or did my make up
or readied Gwenna for church.

Before I gave my talk in church.

Luckily, I have an A.MA.ZING husband -
who managed to finish making breakfast,
help me dry off after my COLD shower,
help me get dressed
(the nylons were a challenge),
and even though he might be mad at me for saying so -
he helped me with my make up after my indirect plea.

I was dressed and he was cooing with the babe.
"Ted have you ever considered a career in theatre? ...
How about something back stage... Saaaaay...
Stage Make Up?"

"Huh? Oh. You want my to do your make up?"

Afterall, I couldn't even hold a mascara wand.
There was no way I was going to show an un-made up face
to the entire congregation.

And, lo and behold!
He even managed to make Gwenna this happy:

Come now.
Is that not one of
pictures you've ever seen?

All this, while the wifey suffered from 2 steam burns.
Steam burns are bad.
Real bad.

And all through my talk in church today I clutched a warming bag of frozen peas.

And when our talks were given, Ted even retrieved
a fresh bag of frozen peas for my thumb
so I could make it through primary.


My Hero!


The Browns said...

Awesome! And by the way, your talks were awesome!!

Sean and Erin said...

Kelly, I feel your pain. I always burn myself when I cook! One time I had to sleep with a bag of ice on my hand! You're a brave, brave girl :)

Jewel said...

Okay, this will sound really strange, but put cold mustard on your burn, and it will honestly help relieve the pain--I always have to put a bandage over it (just so I don't get mustard all over everything), but it's honestly amazing. Try it. You'll thank me. :) And by the way, Gwenna is adorable. You and Ted make cute babies.

Heather said...

Bless your thumbs, every one! So sad you steamed them. Love that you held a bag of peas at the pulpit and we may as well bless Ted for being so darn amazing.

Amy Sprinkle said...

So this story sounds familiar. I remember when we were roommates and you were cooking something and burned yourself. I remember coming home to find you clutching a bag of peas. I hope they are feeling better!

Thanksgiving was great by the way. We were invited to 2 dinners: on eon Thursday and the other on Friday. Both were delicious and enjoyable. Both families were from our ward.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

oh bless your heart...and thumbs. last time i got burned by steam i threw a bell pepper. though i guess it wasn't quite as bad as you because my face was not bandaged or kept cool by a bag of peas. hope your talk went well! you have an amazing husband!