Since We Last Spoke...

I've been having a ton of fun.

Family has been visiting.

You've got to love the brotherly love going on in this picture.

And I love that Gwenna has a cousin that is just a few months older than her and we live *relatively* close to one another. Cousin friends are the best.

Our little girl has been sleeping through the night... and most of the day. She's still quite the cuddle bug. It's so fun to have a cuddly baby!

I've also been cheering on this stud of a man. Ted gave the acceptance speech at the banquet where his employer was given the award of service agency of the year. He did AWESOME! I was proud of him. Above, Ted shows off the award with his fellow dispatcher, Cassie.

I've also been cheering him on because he is thisclose to graduating! We're counting down the days (still) (60!) and I could not be happier that this amazing man of mine is this close to this wonderful accomplishment.

... I've also been pondering this. I hope you're happy. I am happy. It's so good to be content in the moment, to appreciate the day for what it's worth. I do anticipate the next greatest thing (whatever it may be, day to day) but I appreciate my blessings in the moment.

Oh, and I've also been making cookies with Ted and Gwenna and Buddy. Peanut butter chocolate chip. Mmm mmm MMM! ... Buddy got a ner bed today. I think he likes it and I think he's starting to forgive us for shunning him for a while.

So between the admiring of my husband, the rocking of my baby, enjoying time with family, showing my dog with gifts, and baking tasty treats, I do hope you'll forgive my lapse in blogging. ... And if not, just make some cookies and read President Uchtdorf's talk. You'll feel better.


Jewel said...

Yay!! So glad everything's going well for you right now!! I love having happy days!

Wesley Sprinkle said...

I got out my coat the other day and was surprised to find grocery bags in a pocket. I wonder why those were in there...

Kelly said...

Wes, that makes me happy. I bet Buddy misses you guys. He did poke around your apartment complex for about two months after you left. We hope you guys will visit in December.

Wesley Sprinkle said...

I am pretty sure we will visit in December. We are planning to drive out and spend most of our shared break in Arizona. We may even tour the state with a Dutch graduate student/birder. Amy really wants to see Gwenna, and everyone else she knows.