One Thing

One thing I hate about long hair is when it's drying and it gets the back of your shirt wet. Yuck.

One things I will always love to eat: sweet potatoes. I don't eat them often so when I do, I love them.

One thing I will always love about my husband is his laugh. I love how frequent he laughs and how much he means it.

One thing I will never do is a marathon. Seriously, I've been thinking about it and I'm not the endurance lady. Those things take a lot of commitment and a lot of endurance.

One thing I know I was made for is being a mom. I love it and I can't get enough of my little girl.

One thing I will always love the smell of is orange blossoms. They are one of the only things that make Mesa a destination for me.

What are your "one things" today?


Dusty + Mary Anne said...

KELLY! okay...i've been a blog slacker. I admit it. But you're pretty much right about one of these things is not like the other. I can't can't can't wait until December. I mean I am trying to love life NOW but I know that things will be so fun when I'm not worried about homework and getting to class on time and making sure she doesn't need to eat before class is over and blah blah blah! one of my "one things":
one thing I will never get is a master's degree. I have absolutely no desire and actually never have. I like learning, but I hate homework and the pressures school can bring, especially to a new mama. um, I might steal this post and recreate it on my blog one day. okay I might do it but I also very well might never get around to it!

Amy Sprinkle said...

One thing I love is a dehumidifier to help with the 70% humidity in the house.