He's a Maniac, MANIAC!

How did he do that?

Do what? - you may ask.

I came home from Christmas shopping (that's right my friends, be amazed... or sickened. Your call.) to find that my CRAZY dog had managed to pull a mug:
off the stove top,
break the handle off,
and bring it to the top of the stairs. ...
Where he drags away all his spoils.

Really, think about this. He couldn't put the whole thing in his mouth. And it's slippery glass so it's not like he could just bite the side. Really. How.Did.He.Do.IT?!

This might be the last straw. I need a nanny cam. ... Just when I thought his antics were through... He hadn't done weird things since, well, since Gwenna was born. I guess he's used to her now? Doesn't have to impress her anymore with his perfect behavior ... I mean, antic free behavior, because, let's face it, Buddy's behavior will NEVER be perfect.

I love my dog. At the very least, he keeps me entertained.
Seriously, how did he do it?

Now I have to get another snow man mug. Hot chocolate and hot apple cider are right around the corner in the high country.

Oh Buddy. You are a handful.


Amy Sprinkle said...

I was watching the weather the other night and noticed at that point in time Stillwater was colder than Flagstaff. A few hours later Flagstaff plummeted into the forties and we were still in the fifties.

The Browns said...

Oh my gosh! Yes I think you need a nanny cam!!