Fantasy Friday, Take 2

My computer being broken and with "That Computer Guy" for some good quality fixin' made it so that there was only one post between take 1 and take 2 of Fantasy Friday. I hope you'll forgive me for squishing so much fantasy into such a small amount of blog time. ... Oh how I missed my computer!*

This week's fantasy involved a bit of a solution.

You see, Buddy likes trash. Scratch that. Buddy LOVES trash! He has what we call a garbage gut. It's bad news for walks and for leaving him home alone. Our trash resides in our downstairs bathroom, making it both stinky and a pain to throw things away. I guess I've gotten used to the pain of throwing things away, but I'll never get used to the stinky bathroom.

This week's edition could possibly solve that problem. Don't you love the added work space with the sassy trash storage solution? It certainly makes me happy. ... And Buddy happy because he'd spend less time in his bed (... or cage, whatever) and it would make visitors happy because my downstairs bathroom would no longer smell of stinky trash.

This is the other thing on my mind today. Not so much of a fantasy because it's riiiight around the corner. You see, Ted is THISclose to graduating and I. Can't. Wait!! ... And Neither can he. Gwenna can't wait either because Papa will be able to play with her more in the evening rather than doing school work. BOO to school work.

Oh, and a different kind of BOO to you... Happy Halloween. I'm not so festive this year, sadly, so I hope you can make up for that for me. I'm going to be a pirate, Gwenna is going to be a garden, and Ted is a tie rack. That's right, we took 35 or so ties he has from his mission in Mississippi that he got off, if I remember correctly, a widow whose husband had very tacky taste, and we pinned them all over this front with three clip ons on the back side. I love my husband and his willingness to follow through with CRAZY ideas.

*The computer still isn't fixed, but he put it back together so we can use it until the parts come in. So I can't actually close my laptop, but I can use it.


Erin said...

Yay for graduating!! Will he be done in December? What a relief that will be. Is Gwenna dressing up for Halloween?

Amy Sprinkle said...

I'm just happy the Halloween day is over for me and I am at home. My head hurts and I need a break before I do the lesson planning for next week that I have been neglecting.

Happy Halloween!