Fantasy Friday, Take 1

Sometimes, just to keep myself mentally active and alive and to indulge my more creative side, I like to day dream about the ideal. You know, the best case scenario. We all have one for almost everything. I like to think about the material because it isn't hard.

I like to think about furniture, tapestries, gardening, and things that take little brain power but make me smile.

Things like this beautiful hutch.

So for this first installment of revealing my fantasy world on Friday, welcome to the blue hutch. I love furniture that can take a beating and just look that much better for the ride. I love that this hutch would take up otherwise unused corner space. Plus it has a great hiding place right behind those doors for things that wouldn't be used regularly. But I'd always know where to find things.

I hope you'll excuse me mid-furniture fantasy. I have a little baby with an issue of poop. Baby constipation is the worst.

**Update: Gwenna is quite unconstipated now. Enough said.


Ted said...

I agree that babies with constipation is the worst.

Day dreaming is good. I day dream about not being in school and being full-time with a company who defines full-time as 32 hours a week. Oh, and with a salary 3x my current.

Kelly said...

what a coincidence, i dream the same things! and then with that lofty salary i get to buy a blue corner hutch to hide my treasures.

jhcardita said...

get a rectal'll stimulate it and she'll feel better! Or some water and Karo corn syrup, pears, prunes...good luck! And the hutch is pretty darn cute!

Jewel said...

I'm glad Gwenna is feeling better...nice for her parents, eh?