Wish You Were Here

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Flagstaff, Arizona. A high of about 74 degrees, a light breeze, sunny skies. It doesn't really get any better. So the Crowder clan of the North decided upon a hike in the mountains. Nothing rigerous of course. Afterall, is was the Sabbath!

After we, as Ted would say, "got some religion in us", we took the the hills. We drove up to Snow Bowl about an hour or so before sunset, a beautiful time to hike, if you don't have to shield your baby's eyes from the setting sun the whole way in. ... But we still enjoyed it, Ted with our son, me with our daughter.

Oh that's right, Buddy even got to come along. Buddy has become - how do I say this nicely? - a less-integrated part of our family since Gwenna's arrival (TWO MONTHS AGO!). So Buddy was gifted the priviledge of coming along on the hike. As you can see from the picture above, he is in fact, as per Arizona hiking LAW, leashed. There's no restriction on how long the leash must be though. Ted likes to attach a long rope to Buddy's leash and let him run free-er than he would without the rope. Then Ted ties the rope around his waist so it's almost like Buddy isn't there at all, kind of. Like I said, less-integrated.

The handsome husband leads the way through the Kachina Peaks WILDERNESS. I love that the sign states that you're in the wilderness. Thank you, Captain Obvoius!

As I said earlier, it was a wonderful day for a hike at Snow Bowl. The Aspens haven't really changed color yet so we'll have to head back up for that blessed event. Is there any better sight in all of God's green (great? How does that saying go?) Earth than changing leaves? I love the setting sun, mountains are something to marvel at, but changing Aspens are mighty fine indeed!

And this little one of our's, you ask? Well, she slept. the. entire. time. Actually, she slept from 3 pm until 9 pm when she was placed in her bed, waking only for occasional feeding. ... oh, and then through (most of) the night. Sleepy girl! And how CUTE is that little hat that our friend Cori made for her? I did have to wait until she was total out to slip it on her head (didn't have to wait long for that...) because she's not a fan of hats and particulary as they relate to her own head. Lovely baby, lovely husband, so-so dog and a lovely day for a stroll in the hills!

Stay tuned because tomorrow (or the next day. I don't commit to many things these days) I plan on posting Sunday's oh-so-tasty dinner. It was quick, simple, inexpensive, meat-free, crazy yummy, and made enough for two of our family, easy.


Heather said...

It looks like you are wearing a hoody! I am infinitely jealous of your cooler weather and already busting out the fall clothes. What a nice way to spend the Sabbath.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

oh are you kidding me? she is
ADORABLE! do you like your baby carrier thingy? I really want one, but i think it would be nice to have to I could like type or do the dishes or laundry while still holding her, and I don't know if it's really all that practical. I mean (as an owner of one) would you say you could do those things with her residing on your front side? or is it better for when you're just out walking/hiking around? your thoughts...

okay, so did Buddy do something that I missed to put him at his current status, or is it simply the fact that he's...well...not Gwenna that brought his doom upon him? I think it's hilarious. Kinda reminds me of Lady and the Tramp ya know? I'm sure our dog (if we had one) would be in similar shoes (if dogs wore shoes).

Wesley Sprinkle said...

Nice pictures. Buddy does look pretty happy, as near as I can tell from the picture.

Sarah E. said...

Such an adorable young lady you two have! Some days, I wish I could do the rope thing to walk my dog... unfortunately, I have a greyhound, so any distance longer than his leash and he is up to about 40+ mph... so a leash-length is all i can give him *pout* I, too, am jealous of your beautiful weather. I'm glad all is going well for you and Ted and Gwenna and Buddy!