What I Love Today

This is book 2 in the Thistle and Twigg series. These women are 65 and 67 years old but I feel like they could easily be my friends. For me, that is one of the things that makes a book worth reading.

Oh this chair. how I love it. I rock my little Gwenna to sleep and admire her creamy skin, her round nose with a crease in it (just like mine), her tiny toe nails, her red hair, her curly lashes... I LOVE this chair.

I have always had dreams I could fly or at least jump really high and float back to earth. But this man really does fly and I think that is SO cool!

Gwenna loves her bear and so do I. Her bear plays the same song as the mobile above her crib. We can take the bear anywhere and it will help to ease her crankyness. Elsie has no idea how wonderful a gift this bear was.

Peanut butter. I love peanut butter, especially on english muffins, which, sadly, we ran out of yesterday. But it's ok because I also had NUTELLA!! Do you understand the glory of this hazzlenut and chocolate food? Ted insisted we buy it when we were at Fresh and Easy in Gilbert earlier this week. (Fresh and Easy, now that's a "What I love" post all on it's own...) However, IF you make 1 piece of peanut butter toast, 1 piece of Nutella toast, eat the peanut butter toast first. Otherwise, you won't eat the peanut butter toast because, by comparison, it'll taste like dog food. Trust me on this one.


Ted said...

I can't believe you opened the nutella without me. :(

Kelly said...

i can't believe you go to work everyday without me. all i have to do here is sit on my throne and eat nutella. ... oh, and care for your daughter's every whim. ... which is why i DESERVE nutella. ... oh, ps, i love you. :)

Casey said...

I'm so glad someone else knows the joy of Nutella!! Scrumptious goodness indeed. Though I have never tried it on toast--I prefer it by the spoonful :) j/k but it's really good on fruit and ice cream too.

Geneva said...

I agree on the whole nutella thing. We have a rule that you can only eat nutella on a heel of bread other wise we would always be out of nutella and the heels would never be eaten.