More About Me.

From Heidi.
I am: a good friend.
I know: how to make killer lemon bars.
I have: lots of goals.
I wish: (like Heidi) that my kitchen was bigger.
I hate: that Ted is still in school.
I miss: loving my dog.
I fear: running out of time.
I feel: itchy.
I hear: Gwenna's girly noises muffled against Ted's chest.
I smell: rain.
I crave: sweet and sour chicken.
I search: for the perfect shade of pink for my toe nails.
I wonder: how this election will end up.
I regret: not moving to Flagstaff sooner.
I love: jacuzzi tubs with honeysuckle bubble bath.
I am not: patient.
I believe: my family will be together forever.
I dance: in my living room with my husband and baby.
I sing: randomly.
I cry: more than I used to.
I don't always: make dinner anymore; sometimes Ted does.
I fight: more often than I should.
I write: letters to people I love.
I win: games the first time I play them.
I lose: games the second time I play them.
I never: have clean feet.
I always: could go for a snack.
I confuse: my dog when I want him to get off the couch.
I listen: to the promptings of the Holy Ghost better and better each day.
I can usually be found: not far from Ted; even closer to Gwenna.
I am scared: of car wrecks.
I need: to make a list and go grocery shopping!
I am happy that: Buddy brought Ted two granola bars this afternoon.
I imagine: what it would be like to be rich!
I tag: erin and pam


Heather said...

Okay, Miss Kelly, email me at hg.photo@hotmail.com for more deets on your upcoming holiday family adventure in the Valley. I would love to take pics of you and the whole dang gang.

Erin said...

Thanks! I'm on it. I agree with so much of your list.

Heather said...

I know it seems silly, but your posts help lift my spirits at this time in my life, and inspire hope of things to come. Thanks for that. Keep 'em coming!