I Love You, Evenflo Snugli Front & Back Pack Soft Carrier.

Oh dear.

looks like a job for evenflo snugli front & back pack soft carrier.

oh so very calm and happy.

but that's just the beginning of this wonder contraption.

night, night gwenna baby. time for mama to eat! ... finally.


Erin said...

REALLY?! I spent $80 on my carrier and Ellie can't stand to be in it when she's even the slightest bit upset or tired. Lucky girl you! She is so cute Kelly, even when she's screaming.

The Thomson Family said...

BEHOLD! The miracle of the carrier!
All moms need one. Caleb got to a point, around 8 weeks, where he didn't like it anymore (so we thought) so, we tried him facing forward. TA-DAH! He loves it.
It is SO much easier carrying babies around on adventures than lugging a stroller around.
Enjoy your free arms and your regained range of motion!

Erin said...

Kelly, yes I did get a new camera! It's a Sony Cybershot and I would definitely recommend it! Maybe someday I'll get a REAL camera. Until then, this works.

camilla said...

Picture #1 : WOW where did she get that temper from? I'll make sure I never make you guys mad.

Picture #2: WOW, she is SOOOO CUTE! Those eyes, those cheeks! I need to cuddle that little thing.

Picture #3: YEA! And while you eat, try not to drop crumbs on her head. haha. I remember one time, i found all these brownie crumbs down lily's neck from her napping in one of those. Good mommy! haha

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

hayley LOVES hers too...and im talking she loves it even if we're at the store and feeding time was 30 minutes ago. that thing is a miracle!!! :)

Amy Sprinkle said...

My carpool buddy from last year said snuglis were amazing things. With so many people promoting them, it is an investment I would like to make someday when the need arises.

Kelly said...

amy, it's an investment i'll make FOR you when the need arises.