dear mary anne,

i don't know why i feel compelled to write to you ... via my blog. it's nothing you don't already know.

oh they grow up fast. i look at this picture of my little girl and me and it seems like just yesterday. she was so tiny and so pink. i can't believe, looking at her now, that she was ever that tiny.

but every day has been filled with wonder. ... this picture was taken just 2 weeks after the first and already she had grown and changed so much.

i knew right off the bat that she would be a daddy's girl. there's no doubt that mom is indispensable for certain *ahem* activities and some good cuddle time, but it's mostly about dad. this picture above was taken when she was one month... ONE MONTH! how did time fly so fast?

and now she's all grown up and going off to college. before i know it she'll be getting married. ok, that's silly. she's not even two months. but time has really flown by and she has grown and changed so much. i hope you can see that in the progressive pictures and it's not just me, ted, and my mom who can see it. ... if you have 10 seconds during your blur of a wolrd of momyhood and being a student and a wife i hope you will contemplate just how fast your little sadie is growing becuase before you know it, she'll have grown as fast as gwenna and will be a totally new baby than the one you brought home from the hospital... just yesterday. i guess i say this to you as a reminder to myself. kelly, your little girl isn't going to be little forever. love her tinyness and squeaky sounds while you can because soon she'll be big and talking, and walking. they grow up so fast. and it's only right (and fair) for them to do so. but knowing this, it sure makes these tiny moments early that much more precious.



Erin said...

So true.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

well don't I feel just a little bit special at this very moment. aside from the tears that are most definitely welling up in my eyes, I am so grateful for this post you wrote. Sadie is almost two weeks old, and while they have flown by in an instant I have enjoyed so much the wonderful changes that have occurred in our family. I got very far behind on your blog while I was away, but I have caught myself up and can see that your life has changed too, and that it is so much more wonderful than it ever was before. I'm so happy right now. For you, for me, for all the women who recently became mothers. It truly is a beautiful thing. Don't worry, amid the craziness of school, I will take time to cherish her. My only worry is not graduating because I do a little too much of it :)

Kelly said...

mary anne, ted is in the same boat. he's doing his senior capstone and another class. ... it's hard. i think he's really torn between home and work and school. tough business this being a parent while being a student thing. hang in there!!

heidi said...

oh, me oh, my! she is beautiful. congratulations! hope all is going well

The Browns said...

She is so beautiful! and the blessing was beautiful too! I'm glad I got to be there for that!