Time flies when you're doing nothing but eating and sleeping!

Guess who turned one month on Sunday? If you guessed Buddy, you're wrong because it was Gwenna. I can't BELIEVE she's already one month old. When I think of what I was doing one month ago riiiight this moment ... Wait, wasn't this about Gwenna? How about some pictures?

Our happy family; the first picture of the three of us with Gwenna's eyes open. In my opinion she looks older than she actually is but only when she's sitting up and awake. When she's just laying down relaxing or sleeping, she doesn't even look a month old.

I could look at this picture of my family forever. There is nothing in my life that makes me happier.

We had a lot of family over tonight for Gwenna's birthday celebration. No cake or singing, but lots of visitors. This is Gwenna's cousin Tommy. He's 4 months (almost the the day) older than Gwenna and oh-so-very cute.

Uncle Robert lives up here now and so does his charming girlfriend Nykii. They joined us for dinner. They both live up here in Flagstaff now and it's fun to have more family close by.

My sister, Gwenna's Aunt Niki, came for the weekend. This was the first time she met her first niece. Gwenna is the first grandchild on my side of the family. I love this picture. I remember when Niki and I would throw each other down the stairs by the hair and my grandma would tell us, "Someday your sister is going to be your best friend." HA! That was funny to me then. Amazing how wise grandmas can be, though.

"Thanks for the dress Grandma!" My mom brought this dress for Gwenna the day after Gwenna was born. It took until today (or just recently) to fit though. I love her in blue!

Oh my little Gwenna. You're growing up so fast. I love you so much and I can't wait to see how you grow. What will your personality be like as you grow up? Will you have your Papa's corny sense of humor? Will your pink skin some day even out to my transparent complexion? What will you like to do? Will you be a reader or maybe sporty? One thing is for sure, no matter how you grow and change, we will always love you. You are our sweet baby girl and nothing with ever change that.


Christi said...

Awww you look so happy Kelly! Being a mom surely is the best!!

Amy Sprinkle said...

I was looking at Gwenna and wondering who she looks like more. Do you have pictures of you and Ted when you were babies? It would be fun to see if she looks like either of you or is just a wonderful combination of both.

Happy Labor Day!