Should this be reserved for TLC?

Notes: This is a labor story. Now you know. Proceed with caution. Also, I have not edited this yet. I will later but I thought I'd post it as soon as I could. You're welcome.


Last Thursday my whole life changed.

We checked into the hospital at 7:30 am with a huge amount of gear in tow. We joked about banana allergies and room numbers (oh my life is exciting) and met out birthing angel, Laura. She was our nurse for the whole day and we became very close.

I changed into my Gucci gown (with easy to snap shoulders and oh-so-fashionable bows up the back) and within in just over half an hour of checking in labor was rollin'! I was still only dialated to 1 (foohy!) but it didn't take long for that to change.

My method of induction? Prostaglandin gel. (Maybe I spelled that right, maybe I didn't, at least I'm not calling it riboflavin anymore.) My doctor came in and swiped me with the gel with the intent of coming back 2 hours later to do the next round. You can do 2 rounds in 24 hours, 2 hours apart... so essentially you get it done within 6 hours and then have to wait 18 hours to do anything else.

Unless you're me. I'm the ONE GEL WONDER!! That's an official title.

I won't bore you with excessive details (Mary Anne, email me for the excessive details) but essentially my story then goes down a road of jacuzzi tubs, contractions every 3 mnutes (seriously, from the time they started) for 8 hours, and almost 6 hours of non-medicated labor.

I did eventually decide I wanted an epidural. I went into the hopspital pretty sure I didn't want an epidural. However, I had (up to this point) never been under tha influence of any narcotics and that was my only other option. I was terrified I'd vomit and pass out and die. ... except for the die part.

So to speed up the epidural traume - try 1 didn't work. Readjustment? Didn't work. Contractions were still 3 minutes apart and I was dialated to about 6 and it wasn't fun. So they did a spinal, apoligized a lot, I squeezed Laura's hand until it was blue (Laura had the left, Ted had the right), and upped the dosage of whatever they were pumping into me. Then it happened ... I had butterflies in my belly. But actually, it was contractions.

Then I fell asleep. For an hour and a half. Meanwhile I had dialed 3 cm and Gwenna was crowning! My doctor said that if we could be ready to push at 4:30 that would be really great for him because his last appointment was over at 4:30 and his office is across the street from the hospital. Well guess what? He was of course joking but I was ready to push at 4:20! So I did. And then I did it again a few times, for about 17 minutes, and we had a baby!

WE HAD A BABY! It doesn't get much better than that. The doctor fixed up all the craziness that while Gwenna browsed the world from my bellly. Note to doctors: you can do any terrible thing you need to after birth if a woman's baby is still on her belly.

I. was. oblivious. ... And I'm glad.

I hope you've enjoyed my story but my dear husband has a 10-page paper due tonight at 5 and he has to, well, write it.

But he's a daddy and a SUPER daddy at that so nothing is impossible.


Jo said...

Congrats!! you will be a great mom!!

Heather said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Lovely birth story, sounds like you were a champ and little Gwenna is so sweet and tiny! Eat her up!

Adam and Dani said...

I am so excited for you guys! She is absolutely beautiful!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

so I'm totally intrigued by the gel thing. It's so funny how I really have no idea what is going on...I hope at these last few appointments I start to feel like i'm SOMEWHAT in the know about what the heck is going on!

I'm glad everything went smoothly. You would be the "one gel wonder." It just fits you.

how do I get your email...or how do I safely give you mine? I've seen people do this, and I don't know if it's for security reasons or what, but here it goes:
theskippertoo at hotmail dot com. I would love to hear all about it if you have time, but I understand completely if you don't.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. You will be such a wonderful mom.

camilla said...

So, I'm glad your labor was fast and all. But kinda hating you. EVERYONE has faster labors than me and IT MAKES ME MAD! :) I'm glad you are the one gel wonder! Sorry about your epidural. sounds rough.

Heather said...

Wahoo!!! Congrats! I look forward to hearing more about this beautiful girl her great parents.