Praise to My Man

When we were engaged, I thought I loved this man.

I was wrong.

Then we got married and I was 100% certain that I loved this man.

Still, I was wrong.

Time passed and we accomplished lots of things together.

Home ownership and remodeling. College completion. The passing of loved ones.

And I thought I really knew, after all that, that I loved him.

But I was wrong.

I didn't really know what love was until this happened, until we welcomed our little girl into our lives. I just didn't fully understand love.

Or selflessness, compassion, charity, peace, joy, contentment, forgiveness...

Or what it feels like to be cherished.

He makes me feel cherished!

And being cherished makes me want to be better, be a better version of me.

- To care more fully for everyone around me, but especially my husband and my little girl.

They teach me what love is everyday and I'm pretty sure she's learning it from him.

That's where I learned it.
Who better to teach my daughter?