Like Brother, Like Sister.

Buddy is an exemplary big brother. He's really teaching his sister the ropes abound these parts. And they are strikingly similar. Who would have thought that these two who are almost 3 years (21 years?) and a species apart could be so close?

For instance, Buddy loves to sleep. He always has. Anyone who reads my blog knows I have a lethargic dog. Well wouldn't you know? - Gwenna loves to sleep, too. It's a sibling thing.

Also, they both have red hair and Gwenna even kinda has red skin, making her look even more like Buddy.

Oh and have I mentioned eating? Don't even get me started. Now, Gwenna hasn't broken any crock pots yet in an attempt to get to a half cooked pork roast, but oh can this girl chow down! She's a milk lush, actually. It's kind of embarassing...

Then there's that curious nature they share. I believe they are equally curious of each other. Buddy loves to sneak up and sniff his little sister from head to toe and lick any exposed part he can get to. Not excessively, but he does like to give her a kiss or two; he's not greedy. Gwenna has yet to be bothered by this behavior and I'm glad for that.

As far as stench goes, they can both brew up something pretty rank so I'm going to assume it's a sibling thing.

Gwenna and Buddy are both fun to look at, of course, for very differnt reasons. Gwenna is fun to look at because she is so cute, sleeps so peacefully, and scans faces like she's seeing you for the first time ... mainly because she is. Buddy is fun to look at because when he sleeps on his back all of his skin and jowels flop upside down and look quite greusome. Both fun, though, both fun.

Buddy tries to take really good care of his sister. When she's crying he gives her a little nudge, as if to say, "It's okay little sis, I'm here."

When Ted is bouncing and burping Gwenna Buddy gives a little howl because he's pretty sure Ted's trying to hurt his little sister and he'll have none of that. He can be a little protective.

I'm excited to see what happens as they continue to grow up together. I anticipate a lot of ear pulling and tail swatting... and hopefully, in the coming days, Gwenna's skin will start to resemble mine more than her brothers.


Heather said...

Cute, cute Kelly. As always.

The Nathan & Corri Story said...

Oh that is cute. I love it. Congrats, Kelly. You did good...she is gorgeous.

Amy said...

So, since I'm related to Buddy, and Gwenna is Buddy's sister, I guess that means I am related to Gwenna, and by extension, you guys. Didn't know I was a distant relation, did you?

Kelly said...

Distant? By my calculations, that makes me your mother.

Geneva said...

How fun! I'm so excited for you guys!