My Little Boy is Growing Up... I Hope!

Buddy. We all know him well. (You know, kinda.) We were told by our vet to never expect Buddy to be much of a companion dog as far as physical activity goes. Buddy is half basset half blood hound and that equals out to 100% nose. It carries him away like you wouldn't believe. Do you like having arms that aren't dislocated? Then don't walk my dog.

But recently, Buddy has been smelling something new in the air. He's sensing change. He lodges himself in small spaces, he barks insescently, and he's always riiiiight under foot. He used to be a follower but it's gotten bad. I think Buddy knows he's about to be replaced and I'm not afraid to admit it. But he knows it. He's sensing it. I think that's why he loves Gwenna's room so much; he's trying to CLAIM it.

So with all this information, you can imagine how surprised I was recently when Buddy started a new program with Ted. Buddy has taken to barking at me half the day and so one evening Ted thought he'd wear Buddy out.

Ted leashed Buddy, hopped on his bike, and off they went.

Now, I know Buddy doesn't like Ted's bike. We've tried to walk with Buddy and the bike before. He gets terribly distracted by the two wheeled contraption. Well, Ted has now taken Buddy out about four times on his bike and he's doing wonderful! I'm so surprised. He runs the whole time anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.

Today Ted is being brave. Dad and son are going about 4 miles. I was shocked when Ted took off on his bike and Buddy ran so nicely and conscientiously beside him. My little boy is going up. I hope. It's bittersweet. He's losing some of his puppy and turning into a big boy. Not in all aspects, but I'm impressed and I know my boys are enjoying their time together.

Here Ted tightens Buddy's collar. It came off last ride but Buddy obediently came back and slipped his head back in. See? Growing up.

And they're off! I'm so proud of my little boy and I know he's having a great time with Dad. Plus, all this running is doing wonders for keeping Buddy's nails filed down.

And because we can't get through a single post without something pregnancy related these days (such is the nature of 39 weeks of incubation...) here is my 39 week picture.

This was taken Sunday night, the beginning of week 39. I'm feeling... large. I don't care if YOU don't think I LOOK large... I am. I'm large for me, that's for dang sure. And I am feeling it! Peeing 3 times an hour (most hours) really prevents you from doing much more than drinking, eating a lot of Jell-o (it's what I crave), peeing, and worshiping my couch. Kind of makes me glad my husband has a dog son to occupy his time.

My best friend from high school, Jessica, is coming to visit me today! I'm so excited. She's heading back home to Utah from her summer in Arizona and ever since we knew she'd be driving back through we've planned for her to visit. Then it turned into "You have a place to sleep no matter what... whether or not I'm there, well, that's another story...." ... But I'm here. Meaning, I'm not in the hospital. I have a doctor's appointment today so we'll see what the outlook is.

Gwenna already passed Ted's first prediction. Over acheiver.


camilla said...

NOW you are looking nice and big. I feel for you. I am definitely not jealous of you right now. As soon as the baby comes out...then I will be. Newborns are so sweet. I hope she comes RIGHT on time and QUICKLY. Izzy says i'm done typing, good luck!

Heather said...

Good luck with your dog child and the future sibling rivalry. You look radiant and very expectant. Which is a good thing!

Erin said...

I can't wait to see what your doctor says. You'll have to tell us about it! Can you believe you're about to deliver a human? CRAZY!! I'm SO SO excited for you. Can't wait to hear the news.

Tawna said...

You look like the baby has "dropped" in this picture!!! YAY....I always thought it was easier to breathe once the baby dropped. I hope you do too! Good luck and you're little girl will be so lucky to have a mommy like you!

Sam and Jamie Taylor said...

Girl you ARE big! Good for you! Almost there! I know exactly how you feel... Good luck! (And by the way, you are a beautiful prego girl!)

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

oh so close! you'll have to post an update about what the doc says...it's go time baby. i'm not gonna lie, i wish i were as close as you. I'm just pretty much done wearing those dang maternity clothes! and man that dog of yours is awesome. what a personality.

p.s. I don't mind at all that you told your friend about me. it's always nice to talk to someone who's been there done that.