The Latest

It's unlike me to blog about things without pictures, but I'm going to do it anyway.

The nursery is done. Hallelujah!! (Do you hear the heavenly choirs? I do. Maybe they actually live in the nursery.) We finished it approximately 10 minutes ago. Then I asked Ted how to spell hallelujah (he was wrong) and that pretty much brings you up to speed.

Since I'm not working anymore, my days have been relatively uneventful. Well, if you consider fighting dog hair and debris and dirt uneventful because sweeping and mopping are my regular activities again. ... They just take twice as long. That's because the person inside me (the one I'm growing, not my inner self or anything like that) weighs about 6 lbs.

Oh yeah, I'm 37 weeks pregnant. I feel the need to say hallelujah again, but I won't. Here's some pictorial evidence.
Dang. I kind of forgot what my belly looks like when it's not full of baby. I really don't remember. And I may never see it again. Well, at least not in its former glory. Oh why didn't I appreciate it while I had it?? Not that I'm complaining because Gwenna is SO worth the tummy flab.

Back to my stay-at-home wife activities. ... Yes, sweeping, mopping, cooking (as simply and quickly as possible), and working on the nursery. Really, Ted has been working on the nursery and I've been pointing to things that need to be touched up or moved. He's the one putting things together, painting, nailing, patching, hanging, painting, sticking, rearranging, hoisting, dancing, taping, painting, smiling, stocking, folding, painting... I just sit in my rocker and he collapses on the floor and props his head up on whatever is available (currently a stack of audio cassettes circa 1990) and wonders why he's so tired.

So mostly these days I'm the support person. But it's okay because Ted is about to be my support person and now that the nursery is done he thinks that will be his role any day now. Instead of assisting him in breathing and focusing though, I make smoothies that convince him he would die happily the moment the sweet elixir touches his lips. (Ooh, that was good. I'll have to remember that one.) Mostly I let Ted know how much I appreciate his hard work so he keeps doing it because I am in no shape (no, really, shape.) to do all these things right now.

On a side note, have I mentioned lately how much I love Flagstaff? It's currently about 74 degrees and the most beautiful sweet breeze is blowing through the blinds. I was dreading being pregnant in the summer and then I realized where I live. Yes, sometimes it gets warm when it's about 86 (gasp!), humid, and we have no AC to speak of, but it's worth it to have these beautiful nights.

So that's the latest. And yes, Amy (and anyone else who is pining), I will post nursery pictures. Just as soon as I unpack the camera from my hospital bag.


Bethany M said...

I was noticing the time was winding down and wanted to request belly pics. You look great! I hope Gwenna comes sooner rather than later now that the nursery is done. Good luck!

Amy said...

Ya, I miss that nice weather sometimes, but the rain lately has been nice. Speaking of humidity, it has been real humid today. Thanks for the pictures too!

Dusty + Mary Anne said... the beginning of your post you said that you don't like blogging without pictures, but that you were going to do it anyway. and then there were pictures. don't get me worng, the discrepancy made me quite happy, because I love to see pictures of you as much as the next guy, but it was just an observation. I'm glad it happened that way.

and that flagstaff weather sounds fabulous about right now. I just wish that it would rain here. I think in the winter utah gets all the precipitation for the rest of the months and then summer gets left out of that whole party. i think it's lame. Summer=Rain. That's what I grew up thinking.

I love that Ted is doing all of that stuff for you. It truly reminds me of Dusty. I think it's so easy to take it for know, the fact that you have an amazing husband. But it really is a blessing! Not eveyone is that lucky.

Still looking adorable as always! Time is coming close for little Gwenna to arrive!