38 weeks of blood, sweat, tears, and paint.

Because she's already an amazing hostess, my little girl would like to show you around her room.

I love my birdys! They might never come off the wall though because the adhesive paper was not meant to stick on the wall... And the post for the bird house? A toilet flange. A flange? I don't know where it goes (when properly installed in the toilet...), but we didn't have to cut it.

Did I mention how much I love my birdys? I love them.

Still cluttery. Working on that. Or I should be. Mostly I've lost my drive.

A close up on the above the closet art. It was too fun to make and took me half the day.

My little boy. He loves Gwenna's room. He flocks there anytime he has the chance.


Candace said...

Oh so cute! I love the birdy theme! Can't believe she's almost here! Time FLIES when it's not ME who's carrying the babe! :)

Bethany M said...

Gwenna is going to LOVE it! Great job!

Heather said...

So cute! Did you make everything-curtains and bedding included? (I know you did on the crafts, ♥ the birdhouse!)

Geneva said...

Beautiful! That is one lucky little girl. I like the lack of pink.

Kelly said...

Heather - make bedding? You flatter me. Too much actually because all our bedding was purchased from baby center.

Geneva - thank you for noticing my personal goal in life - mostly avoiding pink. Not that I'm opposed to pink - it was one of my wedding colors! But pink isn't the only girl color and it is kind of only a girl color. (hope that made sense!)

Erin said...

Kelly, you are so crafty! Love the room.

Oakley is an outside dog and spends most of his time on the farm with Jace or swimming in the canal behind our house. So you can probably understand that I don't let him get anywhere near the baby most of the time. He's just too dirty! When we go on walks and one of us is holding the baby, he will usually look at her a lot or jump up on us to see her better. He's very interested in what she is.

You are SOOOO close! Can you believe it? The next few weeks for you will be very exciting.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

i love the room! way good job on all the little's so cute in there. Gwenna will love it. I can't wait to get ours all decorated and then post pictures. Dusty helped me paint before he left.

Thanks for all the ideas to keep me far I haven't been bored one bit. I really need to re-read the Twilight series. That is one thing on my to-do list, but it keeps getting put at the end.

Are you so so excited? It could just happen any day now!

Chris said...

Wow! That looks a whole lot better than the last time I was over there! Good job!

heidi said...

the nursery looks very very cute