You'll Notice a Theme

Today's story is brought to you care of Safeway.
Ingredients for Life.

What do these things have in common?

Cranberry Sauce

My strapping husband, Ted

Havarti Cheese

Plymouth Rock

This morning was a flustery morning. Yesterday Ted reminded me that we needed to take a belly shot since we had not ... in 4 weeks! So we did. But I was wearing white and khaki and I looked like a blimp. It wasn't fun. Chins I didn't know I had were suddenly eposing themselves. My maternity pants looks like maternity pants! ... So I spent extra time getting ready this morning to ensure that I did NOT look like a blimp. I had no time left over to get lunch together. We had no leftovers so there was no easy out. We also had no bread (since I used the remainder yesterday) meaning sandwiches were not an option.

Flustery morning, you understand.

So for lunch, Ted and I headed over to Safeway. They make a good sandwich and I noticed on Saturday while grocery shopping that they have 4 new offerings. I was certain Ted would enjoy sampling one of their new choices and I was craving my old standby - the Plymouth Rock.

Let me take a moment to explain this sandwich to you. Crusty French bread with mayonnaise on both sides. Layer crisp, leafy lettuce, over roasted turkey breast, creamy smooth havarti cheese, and top with the ingenious addition: cranberry sauce.

There you have it folks. The Plymouth Rock.

Resume story.

We got to the store. We perused the menu and Ted spotted the sandwich he'd like to try: the Big Easy. ... Something about olive paste and salami and ... well, to each his own.

I scanned the menu for my beloved Rock (not this guy). It was no where to be found. It seems that in the process of adding 4 new selections and a "build your own" option (which was available before but is now a forerunner, it seems), the Rock had somehow been left by the wayside. Do you know what it sounds like when a heart breaks? It's that little tinkling noise that you hear as the needles fall off of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. I know, I heard it today.

Young, strapping, young Seth was at the young (new store) counter. I had by that point decided on the California-Sumthin-Er-Other (official name, yes) which was no consolation for my longings, but my darling husband said, "Excuse me young lad, does this establishment still proffer to sandwich connoisseurs such as ourselves the delectable Plymouth Rock?"* Seth confirmed that while it was not a regular offering, but rather now a seasonal delight, he could in fact make it.

My giddy heart lept in my chest! What a fine husband I have. So bold, so unafraid, so willing to do anything it takes to satisfy his young pregnant wife's craving for a cranberry sandwich!

Seth continued to make Ted's manly olive concoction and when he had completed this he let us know that he'd have to venture out into the store to procure some of the more pertinent ingredients (i.e. the cranberry sauce) for my sandwich. He returned with a can of cranberry sauce and a can opener and I suddenly felt very important as people behind us in line became impatient. Did Seth hurry through the creation of my sandwich? No, he kept his steady and thoughtful pace.

Unfortunately, in the 2 months Seth has worked as a sandwich smith at Safeway, he had only had this request 2 times prior. He searched the sandwich smith bible to no avail, it was not a regular offering and not in the good book.

So Seth and I walked through the process together. Did I want mayonnaise on both side of the bread? Did I know what kind of cheese the Plymouth Rock required? Should there be any mustard on this creation? Of course I knew it all and Seth was able to create a masterful sandwich, the last of which I enjoy as I sit and type.

The morals of the story:

Marry a bold man. He'll make all your wildest dreams come true.

Sometimes going the extra mile will make someone's day. In this case it was a sandwich for a pregnant woman with few cravings. Maybe next time it will be something far greater. Seth has set a prime example for us all.

*This may or may not be an exact quote.


Amy said...

I am glad your sandwich worked out. My food find for the day was realizing I had peanut butter crackers and applesauce in my other cupboard.

Heather said...

You, my friend, are delightful. Hooray for Seth and masterful sandwiches. Hooray for Ted and strapping boldness. Hooray for Kelly and masterful storytelling.

Kelly Merrell said...

Hey Ted and Kelly! Dave and I are new to the blogger world and we just wanted to say hello! Hope things are as happy for you as they are for us! We are actually in Denver for the summer. We'll be returning to Chandler in August. Check out our blog for pictures and video of our trip to the Philippines!

Geneva said...

Ah the beauty of a sandwich well made. My heart lifts at your joy.

And if any customers were impatient, you should have given them the evil "I'm pregnant and don't mess with me and food" look. I would have. I've been practicing the look in the mirror just in case I decide I want to have kids. Not really, but I hope it made you smile on the inside. And by now, the outside too.

Adam and Dani said...

I was driving to Circle K today and saw a flower box that looked familiar and realized, "Hey, that's where Kelly lives!"

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

what a good man your husband is...isn't it amazing what a good meal can do for a person? that was just happy. AND you're 34 weeks pregnant...yeah! oh and I don't know if I ever followed up on this, but that girl I took pictures of has no relation to me. but it was funny that you mentioned it because my husband told me that she looks like me too. funny huh? then, at church I told her the story about you and dusty saying that, and her mom was visiting and said the same thing! you know if a mom sees must be true :) I think she's a pretty cute i'll take it!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

so...i was reading the post and got excited that i would get to see a new belly picture of yours...but it was nowhere to be found!
the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy, EVERY photo was a blimp photo. ugh. but i decided to take them anyway because im sure someday my daughter will ask to see them and then she will know that i became a blimp...but I did it for her. :)
im sure you look beautiful and i love keeping up with your pregnancy---especially since i dont have one of my own to keep up with. haha