Why Action Conquers Anxiety.

If I ever write a self help book, it may very well be entitled "Why Action Conquers Anxiety" and then say something about a certain number of steps to better mental health. So, don't steal the title.

I have been less than anxious while being pregnant. This is really something since before I was pregnant I was a compulsive worrier. This is where my list making habit comes from.

Well, since conceiving, I've been strangely laid back. You can ask my husband. I think he's been a little shocked at times. Are we stockpiling enough diapers? Eh, maybe. Should we have more baby hear by now? Oh, possibly.

But then something happened about 31 weeks. I started realizing that my days of confinement were coming to an end. Well, I have weeks left, but my time is winding down. I started thinking about this daily. I suddenly felt unprepared. And a little scared.

Then the next week I had my baby shower. Boy did that help. Nothing satisfies a new mama like 75 onesies. I registered for my labor and delivery class and was the last one permitted to do so. That helped too, getting in and having that set for next week. I also set up my hopsital profile visit and walk through. That helped as well. The nurse was so wonderful that I was sad when she said I would meet with someone else for my walk through.

And even though my life is going to change big time pretty soon, and the days are trickling like sand in an hourglass (these are the days of our lives...) I feel better. More prepared. I've done my part. I'll go ot my class, learn all I can, buy some more diapers (yes, Ted), paint the nursery (again... don't ask), tour the hospital, freeze some meals, say a prayer (or 100) and let it go. ... Because doing our best means a lot to the Lord. And doing all I can makes me feel that much better about the outcome.

And THAT my friends is how Action Conquers Anxiety.


Heather said...

Sounds like a great plan. THings tend to sneak up on you and then all of a sudden BAM! Anxiety clutches your heart and soul and nothing but the impending task at hand consumes you. I feel ya my friend, and have often done the same thing (different situations). You have a plan (a good one at that) and the rest will flow. Well done!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

oh goodness, if one post could fit ALL of my feelings these past few weeks, that would be it. i guess the reason i say that is because i wish i would have thought about that before my sweet little munchkin joined us. if i could have realized to just wind down and cut out the stress, maybe my blood pressure would have lowered. :)
nothing can prepare you for that little bundle of joy better than just learning through experience. they are the best! and i cannot wait until your little girl joins the world and I get to see her sweet pictures.
enjoy the kicks in you belly these last few weeks because believe it or not, you WILL miss them once she is here.

Erin said...

Oh, we all feel that way! I don't know if this is what you want to hear or not... but here are my thoughts. Babies really don't need anything! Ok, except for diapers, which sounds like you've already got. A few outfits, which you've already got. A blanket for them to snuggle up in, and their mom. I used to think that I wasn't ready for her to come. I never took a birthing class even! Now that she's here, I realize that motherhood comes so much more natural than you think. You guys will do great!! And just to get you excited, I'm sitting here typing this with my little babe lying on my chest and it's the best feeling! You'll love it. I can't wait for you.

Adam and Dani said...

Yes, it took me a year to break down and become official. I've had a hard time adjusting. It's getting better though!

Megan said...

I think you should definitely write the book entitled "Why Action Conquers Anxiety", you would sell alot! :-)

I'm so excited for you as the time comes closer, though!