An Ode To


No, this isn't me post declaring my love to cake decorations. It's a post to share my love with our dear friends.

Wes started off as my home teacher. He eventually lived with Ted for a time. Amy and I met as EFY counselors and eventually ended up living together for a time. Ted and I were married December 15 and moved into our first apartment. Wes and Amy were married December 16 and moved in right below us. When Ted and I moved, we moved only 2 blocks away from the Sprinkles, ensuring we'd stay great friends.

This past Monday, the Sprinkles moved far away. I never been more sad for someone to move away and yet I'm very excited for their new opportunities at the same time.

What have the Sprinkles meant to us?
Well, the Sprinkles love Buddy more than anyone we know, other than us. Sometimes they love him more than we do. Or, at the very least, they never care when he drolls on their pants. Sometimes they specifically dress for the occasion, like when Wes had new pants and needed an excuse to wash them. Who did he visit? Buddy.

Buddy and Amy are brother and sister. Don't you see the resemblance in their coloring?

The Sprinkles have aided us in many a house hold project, from transporting furniture, to painting, to cleaning up inexplicable messes.

We consider them part of the Pack. They walk Buddy for us and clean up his poop. Sometimes they would take him when we weren't home (they had a key to our house of course) and just go on a walk or bring him out to play. Even when he sneaks up on them on the back of the couch and attacks their ears with his tongue, they still don't hate him. ... Well, once Amy shoved Buddy of the couch pretty violently just because she wanted to see what happens. Only the love of a sister... Buddy is going to miss them a LOT!

We've had spiritual experiences together. We traveled to the Grand Canyon branch one Sunday to speak in their Sacrament meeting. Amy and I have actually spoken there together two times. We have been in the same ward for over two years and that has been a great blessing.

The Sprinkles and Crowders have had lots of fun jaunts. We've camped together. Amy even drove us out of the cinders once. It was brave. And my just-as-brave husband sat in the back with the dog while Amy bumped along the road.

We have had many a culinary experience shared with the Sprinkles. We have made shish-ka-bobs, snow cream, grapefruit meringue pie (soup...), a tons of fabulous meals that would take hours to name of fin their entirety.

What can I say? We love to eat. Oh, and the Sprinkles make awesome bread. I'm really going to miss their bread.

Amy (with help from Lisa and Sheri) even threw my baby shower. Here we are playing Sheri's Wii after the shower. She kicked my trash!

In conclusion, I can imagine no better reason to part with the Sprinkles than them moving to OK for school. It's a great opportunity. But that doesn't mean we won't long for their return
every time we eat popsicles.

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Amy said... nice. We have seen Stillwater's buses here and their bus stops that need some help. Hey, Ted could come help the transit system!