Flagstaff Living

I am proud to announce that the Crowder family will be staying in Flagstaff until further notice. During the past few months, my employer, NAIPTA, has reclassified all the positions that currently work in the offices. I had a good job and thought that it would be a great chance to try and move up in the company. I applied for three positions, one of which was the one I currently held. I interviewed for both the other positions, was not hired for either and then accepted my current position. Kelly and I are thrilled that, although my salary is not as large as the other positions, we do not have to move. We also get to stay here in Flagstaff where we have many friends and we are no longer in a mad rush to paint the ceilings, even if they need it real bad. We still have to put up with the crazy antics of Mr. Velvet Ears Crowder, Aka. Buddy. He has no yard and we wish we could change this, yet for now our current house will suffice.


Heather said...

It is a good feeling to know what is going on with one's life. Glad you have some consistency and have a road map of some sorts. Happy someday ceiling painting too, it's a beast.

k.c. said...

Horray for Ted blogging. Thanks, honey. ... So this means you really do intend to paint the ceilings, then? But not before Gwenna's room. Ü

Adam and Dani said...

You totally missed out on the mosquito feast by leaving early. Lucky.