What's White, Fluffy, and Falls from the Sky IN MAY?

I think the title of this post is a riddle. In fact, I know it's a riddle because yesterday, Ted, Buddy, and I went hiking. We determined it might be one of our last hikes pre-baby because I was dragging pretty bad. Sad day.

Anyway, we came across the loveliest cactus flowers. They were fun because we don't find a lot of these in Flagstaff, but we weren't far from home.

See what BRIGHT, SUNNY flowers these are? Oh, and it was bright and sunny outside as well.

... So much so that Ted and Buddy waded around in the creek for a little while. They had a ton of fun. Such a natural habitat for a boy and his hound dog. It was warm and delightful, just what I was looking for. I found a little bit of my summer yesterday.


Is this someone's idea of a cruel joke? I woke up to SNOW today. May 13. Snow. May 12... sunshine. What's the deal?? ... I got a little taste of my summer and then it was SNATCHED away.

Not funny, my friends, not funny.

Is this happening where you live, too?


Heather said...

Where I live Kelly, we are celebrating the 80 degree weather, the beautiful fresh air and the nice cool breeze. Thank you cold front! (Sorry for you, though)

Amy said...

You know, it is great to live in Arizona where the weather changes at the drop of a hat. I am actually excited about the snow. I think it snowed just for me because I'll be leaving. Sorry, it's probably my fault. :)

k.c. said...

Amy, it's ok. I forgive you. It's mostly melted now anyway. So for you, it was worth it.

Adam and Dani said...

I was surprised myself this morning and I must say it was not pleasant. What happened to Spring and Summer?!

Megan said...

I heard about that. That's crazy!! Unfortunately we did not get any rain down here in the valley (at least not where I live or work).

Bethany M said...

Wow! That looks like fun!! I know you want your summer, but a nice cool day is desired down here. We got about a 10 minute rain and that's it. Here comes 100 degrees this weekend.