What Makes Me Happy Today

This is the box that Ted built. For Kelly.

I love it! No paint required.

These are the flowers we planted: Snapdragons. AND strawberries. Mmmm! I can't WAIT for these to spread all over the box with their sweet goodness!

Bare Minerals, especially mineral veil. Hey, it's a good make up day.

Pears. At Ted's request we got 2 juicy pears from the Farmer's Market this week. ... Mine is gone and his is sitting on my desk. And I'm eying it, trying to resist its temptation.

My favorite hairspray did not let me down this morning. It makes Buddy sneeze excessively and he knows this and he always sticks his snout in the bathroom when I'm using it. I think he likes to clear his sinuses occasionally. ... And his colon because he ate half a box of raw lasagna noodles for breakfast.


Heather said...

You make me laugh.

♥ the flower box and especially snap dragons, they are hardy little fellows, we tore ours out last summer to make way for somehting new and lo and behold! A few survivors grew proud and strong. Until Phil took them out again.

Megan said...

I love the planter box, that's awesome that Ted built that for ya.

That's so funny about Buddy eating the lasagna noodles. Sounds like something Brewster would do. The other day, we accidently left a bowl out that had bits and pieces leftover food and she licked it CLEAN. I mean you would've thought it was a clean bowl if it wasn't on the floor where we found it, haha!

The Evans Family said...

That's my favorite hairspray too! Let's be not only blogging buddies but hairspray friends too! :)

The Bentleys said...

I am so envious of your plant box!! I love those things and wish I had one.
BTW I totally love the "G" you made for Gwenna. :) Too cute!!