What Makes it SO Good?

Today I had a really good lunch. Well, let me back up a little. A lot.

In 2003 I met my friend Nate at EA. Well, one of the three Nates. I have a lot of friends named Nate. But this Nate, I once convinced I had a tattoo in an unmentionable area. We also wrote refrigerator magnet poetry together and he appreciates a good corn bread.

So that was my back up. Today Nate came through town. I haven't seen him in, oh, 3 years or so? He had never met my husband. It was good to see Nate.

Nate, Ted, and I had lunch at Crystal Creek Sandwich Company. I love Crystal Creek. Their bread is soft, but not too soft. Their meat is plentiful, but there isn't too much. "Everything on it" comes with Italian dressing (love it!) and the bacon, while SO tasty, really, is cooked like 3 days before I think. Why do I like this? And why do I eat tomatoes on their sandwiches and almost nothing else in the world?

Recap: Lunch with good people, had amazing sandwich.

I'm sitting at my desk, about an hour after returning from lunch, still thinking about this sandwich. I'm not thinking about how I want another one, or how filling it was, or about the individual ingredients (well, not anymore) but rather, the meaning of the sandwich. What is it about food, or certain foods, that make them so satisfying?

It could be the combination of specific ingredients that are brought together with such a fine balance that they compliment each other beyond compare. Maybe it's a freshness issue?

But that's not what I'm really driving at. I'm talking emotional satisfaction. Why did I feel content after eating this wonderful sandwich today? What about this sandwich, exactly, left me just at peace? I doubt the sandwich was laced with anything suspicious, although, this is Flagstaff.

So I solicit your thoughts. What makes your favorite food so comforting, what about it makes you happy? Whether it be mom's specialty or your favorite dish at a local restaurant, what makes the food you love, the food you love?

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Erin said...

I don't have an answer to your question... although I feel the same way whenever I eat mashed potatoes. YUM!! BUT... I wanted to comment about Crystal Creek! Oh, how I LOVE that place! I don't think they have it anywhere besides Flag (or at least that I'm aware of) and I'm constantly telling people about it - like the other day when my MIL wanted to eat Subway and I told her that after eating Crystal Creek, she'd never eat a Subway sandwich again and be satisfied. NOTHING compares.

Other foods that I absolutely love... chewy, fudgy brownies with choc chips in them, pretty much ANY kind of potatoes, a really really good hamburger WITH onion (IN & OUT has the best!), yellow hostess cupcakes. Oh goodness, I don't believe in pregnant cravings normally... but it's 11pm and I feel like I NEED to eat all of these things right now. Look what you started Kelly!