What I've Been Doing.

Taking in Strays

On Sunday this little girl followed Ted and Buddy home, dodging traffic to get to them. She was friendly. Really friendly. She and Buddy made out pretty much the whole time she was here, until animal control came and took her away. We named her Maisey and we liked her a lot. She and Buddy got along really well.

Last Thursday, I found a stray dog at work and took him in. His name was Kona and he was picked up by his owner. He actually had a collar and tags, unlike Maisey. It was a week of dog rescue.

Setting up House and Home

Our new furniture came, I think, 2 weeks ago. I am very used to it and very in love with it and how it makes our home feel. I've been ready for it for some time now. It has inspired me to do other things in my house and maybe I'll post more about these endeavors later.

I love the new furniture because Buddy's slobber beads up and wipes off and paw prints come off with a lightly dampened rag. This furniture was made for my life.

Growing a Bright and Sweet Baby Girl

I'm up to 31 weeks now and my baby weights about as much as 4 large navel oranges (picture compliments of ... and she feels like it. I've been very tired this past week. I'm getting a lot more of the "when are you going to pop that baby out" types of comments. I can't wait!! Ted and I make plans for her daily and the anticipation is getting the best of us.

Eating Chocolate, Trying to Grow

My doctor advised me (I'm being nice) to gain a pound a week. Then, as if by magic - for various reasons (really, how often does this happen??)- Aunt Dorris sent us over 10 lbs. of home made candies that are all A.MA.ZING!! This woman is a culinary genius and I'm enjoying our spoils thoroughly. This was one of the top 3 more exciting things I have ever gotten via the USPS. Wondering what the other 2 are? Too bad. That's a story for another day ... maybe.

Just look at those caramels, clusters, truffles, and 8 POUNDS of peanut butter fudge! Jealous? You should be.

What have you been doing?


Erin said...

Kelly, I want to eat that chocolate! Your blog always makes me want to eat. When I read that you were already 31 weeks, I got to thinking how quickly it will come for you!! It will be here before you know it.

Heather said...

Crazy chocolate woman! Where can I get an Aunt Dorris? Bless her!

Geneva said...

Can I be friends with Aunt Dorris too? That looks absolutely amazing

heidi said...

man I am jealous, that looks yummy. but at the same time, i'm not trying to gain weight, i'm trying to loose it

Megan said...

That's a lot of fudge!!! YUM! I'm totally craving that now :-).

I hope the owner of "Maisey" came and got her...!