After a day like yesterday.

When I'm trampled on and when I'm sleepy.

When my shoulders are achy and my belly is rumbling.

When I could cry just because.

When even new clothes don't make me feel cute!

When my doctor's appointment is not good.

Where can I turn for peace?

Because he rubs my shoulders right when I get home, half way through doing the dishes.

Because he takes me out for lunch when nothing at home sounds good.

Because he painted the hallway for me while I was gone.

Because he makes me crawl into his arms and on his lap in the rocker in Gwenna's room, and lets me complain.

Because he sticks up for me.

Because he appreciates my efforts.

Because when I apologize for being a crazy hormonal pregnant women he takes half the blame.

Because he holds me SO tight and kisses me and tells me he loves me.

He makes everything better.

Even if things still aren't perfect. They're better.

And I can conquer another day that I didn't want to face.

... Even if it's not *that* dramatic, sometimes it feels that way.

And he does the best job at making it better.


Heather said...

Hooray Ted! Way to rescue that cute pregnant girl of yours. Days (weeks) like that are the pits, glad you have someone to rub away your aches.

Amy said...

Husbands are my favorite. Ditto to all you have said.

Megan said...

That is so sweet...!

So, I've been having problems with my mailbox (I haven't gotten it in more than 2 weeks! but thats another story) so I haven't gotten your invitation to the baby shower yet. But I wanted to ask you when it was and where if I haven't already missed it (you can message me on facebook if you want).

Btw, I tagged ya, come look at my blog.

The Evans Family said...

Isn't it nice to love and be loved, no matter what?! One of the greatest feelings in the whole wide world. :)