I'm suspending the rule.

I have no mind for rules today so I'm suspending the "no complaining" trip I've been on and I'm going to FULL OUT complain.

About things that probably don't matter to anyone but me. And if you don't want to read it, that's your choice. (See? I obviously need an outlet to complain to.)

1. It's not even 10:00 AM and I have spoken with at least 3 idiots today.

2. It's going to be 87 degrees today and I'm the only one at work who thought it vital to wear shorts. Yes, I'm pregnant so I can kind of do anything I want and no one cares what anyone wears anyway. I just wish someone else had made this same decision.

3. 2 words: NO CIRCULATION ... as in my building, built circa 1942.

4. People have no respect for other people's deadlines.

5. I'm really done working. Like, really, really done.

6. Why do I have to pee in a cup every time I go to the doctor? I'm not fond of peeing in a cup and while I understand the "value" of a bi-weekly urine analysis for a pregnant women, I'm still not fond of it.

7. Diabetes. What's up with that? I would have expected Mary Tyler Moore to find a cure for this by now. This is only partially sarcastic. Mary Richards probably could have done it by now. Or at least we all like to think that.

8. Why can't I manage to find enough hours in the day to scrapbook? If I had a craft room (perfect world scenario, of course) then I could just leave my crafty endeavors as they are and return to them when I please. That would be awesome.

9. Interviews. How hard are they to set up? Not very. I know, I'm skilled at this.

10. The word savory has almost disappeared from my vocabulary. I need to work on bringing that back.

11. Brownies, cookies, more brownies, ice cream, popsicles. Hormones.
Bad combination.

12. How did I, out of thousands of employees, become the default person for the NAU switchboard? Do I schedule conference rooms? NO! Do I know when family weekend is? HECK NO! ... Thousands of people. Seriously. Why me?

13. My body is tired. It's just.plain.tired. My shoulders are achy, my posture is slouchy, and arms are unwilling, my fingers are ... on strike.