Hey, Thanks Mom!

This is obviously a picture of my mom, 29 weeks pregnant with - who else? - me... and there's the head of a dog she must have had at the time. Maybe his name was Pal, or something cute like that. Oh and that picture on the refrigerator, in the background, of Ted's relatives, getting married... Um, that was a strange coincidence, huh?


Dear Mom,

I don't think I've ever thanked you. But, I never knew I should, so that's kind of an excuse.

Thanks for giving birth to me. I understand it to be a rocky road.

Thanks for the sleepless nights. I know you must have had nights where you felt like you didn't sleep at all because you couldn't get comfortable. But thanks just the same.

Thanks for letting me kick you in the ribs. I know I must have kicked you in the ribs and lodged my feet under your ribs in an uncomfortable fashion.

Thanks for eating healthy while you were pregnant with me. I know you never would have eaten ice cream every day or had popcorn for a mid morning snack or drooled over cinnamon rolls regularly. You were better to me than that.

Thanks for enduring the weird foot cramps. I hope someone fell to all fours to massage your foot the second you said one was coming on, because I hear that helps. A lot.

Oh, and thanks for knowing that my experiences make me appreciate you more. And thanks for having 4 other kids, too. They're pretty cool.

And most of all, thanks for taking that rockin' picture of you when you were 29 weeks pregnant with me. We do have strangely similar attributes.


An actual picture of me, 29+ weeks pregnant (translation, 29 and some change.)


Dusty + Mary Anne said...

oh kelly...i will be back shortly...i mean i wish i would have been back a week and a half ago. Seriously, life has gotten the better of me, and i've decided that working 8-5 isn't the best way for me to get all my favorite hobbies in during the day. However, i totally love the new pictures you've posted here...I can't believe how much you and your mom look alike? did she pass her maternity clothes on to you too? she had such style! anyway, you're funny. i'll post soon...i hope :)

Heather said...

You look so cute! Congrats! (P.S. You are dang cute and clever.)

Bethany M said...

Lookin' good!
It's amazing how much we learn to appreciate our own parents after going through parenthood.

Heather said...

You are so funny! You look smokin' and I love the curls in your hair.

Erin said...

Thoughts on switching doc's: If your pregnancy has been totally normal, NO BIGGY!! But I was never really that attatched to my first doctor anyway. You may be able to get a recommendation from your current doc, depending on how far you're moving. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS THINKING OF MOVING? If you don't have someone that can give you a recommendation, I would use the internet. When I googled "Best OBGYN, Tucson AZ", my doc's name came up... and I had already gotten her name from multiple people! I'd try that. As far as worrying that a doc isn't going to know your situation because they haven't seen you through your whole pregnancy, I figure they really only know you through your paperwork anyway, which you will take to your new doc. Does this help? Hope so!

Whitney said...

Lookin' cute!! Thank you so much for the darling glasses and tights! They're the cutest! You're awesome!

The Evans Family said...

Yep, I'm the one who raved about the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer awhile back....and guess what?! I STILL use it, and David is almost ONE! *tear* Now I mostly use it to time how long he's been awake and asleep, but I also use the "use-this-button-for-whatever-you-want" feature for when he gets his vaccinations and I need to keep track of when he last took Tylenol. I really do like this baby gadget; it's especially useful in those first few months when your head is in a fog. If you nurse there's also a little swith to keep track of what side you last nursed on. Then it also has a nifty backlight AND nightlight. LOVE it. I would recommend it. Especially to slightly neurotic moms, like me. ;)

heidi said...

hey, havn't been on your site in a while was hoping to see a belly picture, you look so good and gosh darn cute.