From Megan

I was tagged in the 8-random-things-about-me genre. So I'll give it a go.

1. I'm pretty sure I got battery acid on my hands this morning. Note to self: need new rechargeable batteries.

2. I love magazines but I HATE how they clutter up my space. If I had a craft room, it would also have archives of magazines. . . full if ideas that I mostly never utilize.

3. I used to eat tofu, broccoli, and carrots with soy sauce in a pita. I thought I was the epitome of cool and at 13, it was probably true. By 13 year-old standards, at least.

4. When we were days away from getting married, my sweet friend Ann sent a box of cookies from across the country. She said something funny about how she didn't expect us to eat them on our honeymoon or anything but then that night at the hotel, we were real hungry! We DID eat Ann's cookies because they were in the car. Ann saved us that evening.

5. Speaking of weddings, the day of my bridal shower, I got very, very sick. I made it through the shower then afterwards it hit me. I was nauseated, dizzy, and having cold sweats. Well, eventually I did throw up, several times. On my PJs, on Ted's PJs . . . anyway! Shortly after Ted and I were married I made parmesan chicken, because he really likes it. But I quickly learned that the adicity level of that particular cheese and the acidity level my my vomit the day of my bridal shower were seemingly ideantical and I haven't been able to eat parmesan cheese in any recognizable way since.

6. I have an uncanny knack for picking out good oranges. Some factors to consider: a large navel, what feels like thin skin, and the weight. If it's heavy, with a think skin, you can almost be guaranteed it'll be juicy.

7. When I was a small girl, I'd make up the worst jokes and then think they HAD to be funny if I said, "woka, woka, woka!" - because Fozzy, on Muppet Babies did. Apparently I thought he was funny?

8. Almost all my teeth show when I'm smiling. Like, my real, not-smiling-just-for-a-picture sort of smile. You can see it in some pictures, but not all.


Megan said...

I'm so mad at myself that I wasn't able to make it to your baby shower. But you'll be getting something from me in the mail, ok? I hope you post pictures from the shower.

I do the same thing when I smile, almost all of my teeth are showing, except when I do that its usually not a "real" smile.

amber said...

hey, I totally forgot that Lisa still had our tupperware. We will be at church this Sunday.
How is your pregnancy going?

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

And again I am so behind on your blog. what the heck is happening to me? Thanks for the tip on navel reminded me of your post that said Gwenna is the size of four large (and probably very juicy) navel oranges.

You are the best person to read random facts about. You know why? Because you're funny. and witty. and a good writer. That's why.