What a horrible day to choose to quit complaning!*

Yesterday night, on my way to make rehearsal at Lisa's on time, I took a shot cut through the sandy area. (Shortest distance between two points is a straight line, no?) I thought, as I stepped foot in the uneven terrain, "Not a good idea, Kel." Did I get back on the sidewalk? No. Did I watch my steps carefully? No.

I picked up the pace, to a light jog.

And then I tripped. I thought there was some sort of SPRING in the sand. I took about three steps trying oh-so-hard to balance and just BIFFED it once I came to terms - quickly, in my head - that there was no way to avoid falling. I felt I had steadied myself enough to avoid falling straight forward onto my belly. And I was right.

But now my knee hurts really bad.

Last night, I remember feeling Gwenna squirm for the first time after I had fallen, about 2 hours later. I have never been SO GLAD to feel that little contortionist squirm. (Moms worry abou these things, knocking their kids around by tripping on things in the sand and what not...) She started out so calm, sedate even, a few weeks ago. Then, sometime last week she started going wild all the time! She'd had her wild moments before but this was serious and she hasn't settled down for very long since then. ... Except for about 2 hours last night. And I waited. And she squirmed. And then this morning, when Ted hurriedly said good morning and good bye to my belly she went nuts again. She doesn't like it when he only talks with her briefly in the morning. I know this, being that she lives inside me.

Anyway, not that I'm complaining**, but I did a stupid thing last night and now it hurts. Oh, and it wasn't a spring in the sand. It was a small metal basket. Lisa, a small metal basket? What's the deal? Not that I blame the small metal basket on you, oh in now way do I blame it on you. Just on your sand and maaaaaybe the little wild kids that left it there. But it's MY fault for venturing into the sand, despite my better judgement, and ignoring it's placement, and tripping on it.

Seriously, how long can I talk about this stupid error?

How about something smart? ... Like the smart look of this fabric that will cover the furniture that will grace my living room in 8-10 weeks. Do you like it? I like it. A lot. I don't think it's the best picture, but I sure like it. It's soft but it has texture, and it's going to be protected like Fort Knox by Guardsmen. If my dog drools on it, they'll come clean it ... if it doesn't bead off. If my baby pukes on it, they're coming to clean it. Oh and for how much? ... For free. I love it. Not just like. Love, as in... how I feel about my husband.

Thanks for enduring my NOT COMPLAINING to get to the good stuff. The furniture, that was the good stuff, in case you missed it. And in 8 - 10 weeks, I'll show you what it looks like. Promise.

*Not meant as a complaint.
**Really, I'm not, you'd feel the same way if you'd just gone through what I did. Not a complaint. A tale, if you will.


Heather said...

I enjoyed your non-complaining tale. Not in a "I found pleasure in your pain" kind of way, just the way you spun that tale. Very nice spinning. I am sorry your knee hurts and that it is going to hurt for some time. Think of the tale you have for Gwenna now...
"Once while you were living inside of me..."
It's a keeper!

k.c. said...

HEATHER! I love you and I love your thoughts and comments and the way you spin them. Ü

The way I pictured telling Gwenna that made me think of "Elf" and hwo he got to New York, "The swirly twirly candy cane ..." I can't remember how he describes it. But that was good tale spinning, too.

Craig & Lisa said...

Kelly--I still feel horrible about you falling. I am soooooooooo sorry.

Thank you for coming today--it was nice to have so much support there for Craig. We love you and TED!


Amy said...

Is this right--new furniture, like you wanted? I like the free cleaning thing too--that's awesome!

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