Thursday Observations and Ramblings by Kelly

1 blueberry muffin doesn't go nearly as far as it used to.

Speaking of muffins, I eat the stump first. I like the stump. I like the top better, but I also like the stump.

Twice as many tissues do you no good if they hurt your nose twice as much.

It's hard to eat politely, with your mouth closed, when you can't breathe out of your nose.

Going to the bathroom 8 times in one days is acceptable. Anything about that is wasteful and excessive.

All new things eventually get dirty. But you rarely expect this to happen with spoiled sour cream splatters... which cleans up surprisingly easily.

If I ever want my husband to leave me all I would have to do is insist on wearing coffee scented perfume. If I ever wanted my dog to leave me all I would have to do is tell my husband, three days in a row, that the dog ate the dinner I prepared.

I don't want to get rid of my dog.

If I ever do get rid of my dog, I get to go out to dinner three nights in a row.

Raccoons are no respecters of dwellings.

If you leave early, you're probably going to miss something and it's probably going to be good.

Waiting is hard, but it's normally worth it. And just in case it isn't, don't be too impatient (... she said to herself.)

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