On Monday

Did you know every Monday I take a half day? You maybe should know because I talk about it just about every Tuesday. I take half days on Mondays because Ted and I only have 1 day off together, otherwise and it's Sunday. You can't get much done on Sunday that you'd like to be doing in the rest of the week. And we LOVE having Mondays to spend time together. Mondays make me think Tuesday is Monday because I go back to dreaded work. Not that I hate my job, because I don't. It's only half bad. Maybe even a quarter bad. And even if I was home, Ted wouldn't be there.


Monday. I want to tell you about my Monday in some pictures. I hope you enjoy the adventure.

I didn't actually drink Tang, but I feel like I did as I had my Gestational Diabetes test on Monday. It's a fasting test. Who in their right mind makes a pregnant woman fast? Oh, and if a pregnant woman is fasting anyway, sugary-tang-like-liquid isn't the best thing to hit her stomach first. But I'll be grateful for technology and just say I ended up fasting around 14 hours when it should have been 8. My bad.

While waiting for my body to react with the SugarTang (yes, one word) Ted and I went to the Depot, as in Home. We purchased a few items we needed for our big day of activity.

Post test, Ted took me to Brandy's because I had been a very good patient and deserved a treat. That and I was SUPER hungry. I ordered an apple cheese danish the size of my face and being that the danish was but more sugar Ted also insisted we get an onion/chive toasted bagel with sufficient (excessive to some? blasphemers!) amounts of cream cheese and force fed (ha!) half of it to me before I could eat said danish. Mmm... My husband knows how to take good care of me!

Say hello to an atrocity that I have lived with for over a year now. ("Hello, Atrocity.") It spits. It does not do warm water; just hot or cold. It drips. It's ugly ... Oh, I could go on and on. But the point is... It spat, it didn't produce anything but hot or cold water, it dripped and it was ugly. Now it's in pieces in the dumpster producing no water, just shame. In other words, IT'S GONE!! That's right, I am so glad my nasty faucet is gone.

Ted and I spent less than an hour removing (mostly removing... freak nasty faucet!) and replacing the atrocity with something beautiful. ... It was fun and I took a lot of videos.

Say hello to the beautiful new faucet. Oh how I love it. Yes, my funky basin is still there, but that will be replaced when the counter tops are replaced which will be replaced when the cabinets are replaced with might happen when we find out if we're moving or staying in our house. ... Wow, that was a long breath, or it would have been had I verbalized it. Either way, I'm tired.

Back to the faucet.

I love it. I haven't had a sprayer in... a really long time. But our silly sink didn't have a spot for one and, really, they just clutter up the sink area anyway so we got a faucet that INCLUDES a sprayer right along in the faucet head. ... Moen, buy it for looks, but it for life. This is such a true statement and I may write a letter.

After that I really thought we'd keep going. And we did. Vacuum bags from the Good Housekeeping Vacuum Store? Check. Trip to the Farmer's Market? Check. Oh, but Ted fixed the toilet all on his lonesome ... no more turning the water on and off every time the tank refuses to fill up. (Thanks, honey!) Meanwhile I lounged on the couch. Want to know why? Because I had too much sugar. And my baby is getting heavy. Want some proof?

See? She's getting bigger. And heavier. And sometimes she kicks a whole lot and I see her from the outside and wonder what all the fuss is about. ... So I lounged and Ted helped Brother and Sister So-and-So move into the ward and then he met for an erroneously long amount of time with his group mates for SC 312. ... And then, we made BBQ country pork ribs and corn on the cob and we were happy. Yes, happy.

And my day just flew by.

I'll leave you with what I love about Ted's pictures. They may be pictures of me, but he took them. And I love him for it.


Heather said...

Ok, could you BE any cuter? I submit that you cannot!

k.c. said...

maybe. but why put the rest of the world to shame?

Megan said...

Kelly! I'm so glad I got to see you on Saturday! Btw, I emailed you the pictures and I also have some on my blog.

Yea! for the faucet! I love love love new things! It's so refreshing isn't it?

Bethany M said...

I love the new faucet. It brings happiness, yes!?
You are looking GREAT! Say hi to Gwenna for me...and Ted too.

Christi said...

Oh my goodness!! I remember that drink! It actually wasn't that bad, but after my appointment, I remember feeling like I had just eaten 2 bags of Halloween candy. I drove straight to a McDonald's to get some salty fries in my mouth... Yum!