Not Complaining.

It would be easy to find ways and things to complain about in regards to pregnancy. Physical, emotional, social, or otherwise. But who does that?

Not me. At least, I'm trying not to.

I saw a commercial about a guy who claimed he was - oh what was it? - a reformed complainer? Something like that. Now, it seems, he gives seminars and inspirational talks on the downside of complaining and has a 21-day road to recovery for critical condition complainers. (I'm kind of going off memory here. Poor memory.) ... And I thought to myself, while watching this commercial, "Well it would be easy to stop complaining, in theory. Just figure out what is is that has caused you to be upset or what you are complaining about and fix it. Or try and don't whine about it."

This brought me to another thought ... How blessed we are and how the Lord uses all our experiences, both good and bad, to make the most of us in the best way He can. We are living the experience of refinery and being refined by the Divine Refiner Himself.

So I asked my husband if I complain too much and he said no, but that I do complain sometimes. And I made a promise to myself, in my mind and heart, at that moment, that I'd try not to complain. I have a wonderful life and too many blessings, seen and unseen, to list.

Here is to being a complainer in rehab.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Dusty + Mary Anne said...

I could totally do better at the complaining thing...but honestly I think it happens to all of us. Some definitely worse than others though. It's a little exhausting to be around habitual complainers. I'm sure you are not like's just totally not picturable. You're so happy!

Amy said...

I'm going to jump on the complaining bandwagon with you--I do it way too much. To start with: today is good because I got to stay home and rest!

Heather said...

Hear, hear! Thanks for the inspiration.