My Wednesday Wishes

I wish cars didn't require a 30,000 mile check up. And I wish they didn't need new tags, either. Those things are pricey!

I wish I had some guacamole made by my brother Jake, because he makes good gauc, even if I normally have no interest in guacamole. Oh, and some chips, of course. (That's Jake, on the right.)

I wish it wasn't snow-sleet-rain-weathering. I want my sun back.

I wish it was Monday again, but only in the way that I want my Monday schedule today. Mondays are the best. I work half a day, really hard, to get a whole day's work into 4 hours. That's nice because I feel very accomplished. Then I spend my whole afternoon and evening with Ted. We go on little road trips or go browsing, or intend to clean the house.

I wish I didn't have to pee so much. Peeing takes up a good amount of time in my day. Oh, and if I didn't have to pee, I wish I could use that time constructively, because I can't think of a better use right now.

I wish I could decorate my baby's nursery. There's so much to do. But so much uncertainly.

I wish that Buddy will be a good boy today. This feels more like a hope, but I really hope he is good and doesn't get in to anything while we're at work.

I'm finding myself wishing for guacamole again. So I wish for Jake's guacamole. It's my wish list, I can want guacamole as many times as I want.

I wish I could buy the new furniture I want. It's really pretty and would do wonderful things for my mood when I'm in my living room.

I wish you would tell me at least one thing you are wishing for today, even if it's not Wednesday when you do so.

...Oh, and could someone get this girl some guac??


Rachel and Jared said...

Is that who they're barking at? I'm home on Friday's and they will bark just out of the blue. That's so funny! Do you ever walk by in the evenings? Because every once and a while, they'll be lying on the floor and just randomly bark. I think you're right, they must have some kind of dog bond.

Heather said...

I wish I was pregnant, I wish we had our student loans paid off, I wish I would get off the dang computre and just go running, because then it is over and I can check it off my list. I wish I didn't procrastinate things when I have "free" time, I wish for productivity and smaller thighs. Amen.

Kevin & Bethany said...

Funny...I totally did not realize that was your brother. Last year at RMHS, during a lock down at lunch time, he was shoved into my classroom. So, we hung out.
I am wishing my headache would go away and the laundry would do itself!

k.c. said...

Bethany, that's TOO funny. Yeah, I heard about him being shoved in someone's classroom. The things you learn! ... I wish your headache would go away, too.

Amy said...

I wish I felt better!