Ballard, Baby Travel, Bathing Suits, Buddy.

I love this man:Elder Ballard and I spoke this weekend. Well, he spoke and I listened. And he also "happened" to be speaking to thousands of other people as well. And I only saw him on TV. But, he was speaking to me. I so need to hear what he had to say and I'm grateful that the Lord chose him as His mouthpiece so I could feel what I felt and hear what I needed to hear. I hope you'll read his talk in the May Ensign when it comes out.

I am excited by the new first presidency and by Elder Christofferson's call to be an apostle. Every testimony born of their divine calling was so sweet and pure and powerful, the resonated in my own heart.

We went to Mesa this weekend. That's where we enjoyed conference. We met Thomas, our newest nephew, who I erroneously did not photograph. Please forgive me. He's adorable, though. His head is as wide as it is tall and he's tiny and sweet and I didn't hear him cry once, although I suspect he is capable.

Having gone to Mesa this weekend and having met Thomas and talking about it makes me think about the fact that I only highlighted the bassinet that our friend generously passes on to us and not the travel system. We also inherited a lightly used travel system, pictured above. It's so perfect. Again, had I picked out my own travel system, it would have been this one. I love how the colors of blue, green, and yellow are compatible with either little princesses or little princes. I KNOW we'll use the infant carrier very much. The stroller probably a little less but what a blessing to be given both of these!

I post this also as a note to my cute pregnant blogging friends, Erin, Whitney, Mary Anne (have I missed anyone?) who are thinking much about baby products at this time. Let me ensure you, I am too.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. We went to Mesa. We went *gulp!* swimming. In bathing suits. And something has come over me. Below is a picture of me in my bathing suit. (But not the close up my husband took of my stomach. That was scary.)

Notice how small this is compared to my other 2 pictures. I'm not hiding stretch marks or fat because I don' t really care about those things. (I'm pregnant, really, those things are almost inevitable, right?) But I am hiding the stains my dad's over chemicaled hot tub left on my suit last year. I did buy a new bathing suit, um, last September I think? But, can I fit into that 1 piece now? In a pig's eye! - Whatever that means. In other words, no. Heck no! But my tankini allows my stomach to rest freely. No matter how many stinking times I pulled it down, it would riiiiide back up. So there is a little belly skin there. But you can't really see it, because my picture is small. See? I'm so smart.

So I got a teeeeeny bit of color, on my arms. Ted got more on his arms, but he thought, I think, that his stomach would be burned because he claimed he could feel the UV rays soaking into his skin. ... Anyway, his arms are and forever will be more tan than mine.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my husband? I do. He makes me happy. And he drives everywhere so I don't have to. Except to Petsmart, the stupid store that is no longer carrying my dog's food anymore. He has a sensitive stomach, guys! (Ok, self inflicted sensitivity, most of the time.) He needs his food! ... Maybe I'll write a letter.

I think that's all that's running around in my head right now. ... Elder Ballard, Baby Travel, Bathing suits, Buddy food...

OH! BBQ. Could anyone else go from some BBQ chicken right now? With Bill Johnson's BBQ sauce? - I don't say Bill's for the alliteration. That was just a really great coincidence.


Heather said...

Uh, could you BE any cuter? I think not!

The Evans Family said...

I am so with you on the neutral baby colors! They are cute with either a boy or a girl, plus it's like you get a "buy one, get one FREE!" Again, all about that. :)

And Kelly, you are too funny! I clicked on the picture of you in your bathing suit and it took me to an link about MODESTY!! You're hilarious. :)

Erin said...

Oh my word Kelly, you are a funny girl!! I LOVE love love the bathing suit picture! And HATE that when I double clicked on it, some church website with the description for 'Modesty' came up. Haha. I wanted to see your belly closer! Very cute. Yay for travel systems. I caved and bought one tonight. I love it! So are you guys for sure naming her Gwenna? I love that. Do you have a middle name yet?

Craig & Lisa said...

Sounds like you had such a fun time in Mesa! Love the prego picture too. Everyday it gets closer to the time we can celebrate Gwenna's entrance into this crazy world! I CAN'T WAIT!

Whitney said...

Go girl! Workin' it in the swimsuit! I love it! I plan to just float in the pool all summer. I hear it's good for pregnant people. I stole your baby counter thingy and was brave enough to post THE NAME!! Is Gwenna a family name, just a name you read in a book, or what? I'm all about unique names...but we just feel like this one IS EMILY. Gwenna is cute though and so are you!

Amy said...

Yes, Wes and I would love to eat dinner with you this weekend. And yes, I think it would be very fun to make freezer jelly with you.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

oh my word could you be cuter in your swimsuit? I'm officially never posting a picture of myself on my blog. Okay, so maybe at 20 weeks i'll cave in and finally do it (that's only a week away...yikes), but I'm not promising anything. I totally agree with you on the Ballard thing. I thought the finale of the Sunday PM session was...well grand. Today I went and looked at baby stuff for the first time ever and I totally saw that travel system! I feel like I have expensive taste on a poor man's budget though. It's such a battle within myself!