Where the Seaguls All Go By Jonathan.

Today I wish I was here, Newport Beach. And that it was 80 degrees and not terribly windy. And I could lounge around and listen to "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" on repeat on my imaginary i-pod.

I'd run my fingers through damp sand bury my feet in mounds until they were warm. Ted would probably want to get up and frolic around in the waves but I'd probably just lay thereon my towel or blanket, basking in the sun, breathing it in... until I gave in and after that we'd go home.

We'd wash our feet off in the little spickets they have just next to the side walk and parking lot, but it wouldn't matter because there's so much sand there in the wash off area that this action is always counterproductive and you always end up with sand in your car. Always. And it's ok. Like taking some of the beach home with you.

Then we'd eat at some little sea food shanty while the sun sets. It would get cool and we'd go home and watch a movie that would inevitably cause me to fall asleep half way through. The Ted would make me get up and go to bed when the movie was over and I would, half awake, half asleep. And we'd probably even get sand in the bed sheets because it never really leaves you until you cross the California - Arizona border... at which point it melts off and drizzles away back to the beach.

AFTER THOUGHT: Buddy is coming too. We'll stake him into the sand and watch him chase the waves in and out. Nothing more entertaining than a dog playing with nature. You can come too. But, as I told Amy, you have to bring your own blanket. And you might have to pretend you don't know me. After all, this is a getaway. But we can meet up for dinner, maybe at Spaghetti Factory, as per my mother's request.


Amy said...

I'd so rather be somewhere else right now. I have so much to do I don't know where to begin! Take me out of this craziness!

k.c. said...

Amy, you can some too. But you're going to have to find your own beach blanket. :o)

Amy said...

As long as I only have to bring that, I'm there!

Craig & Lisa said...

Wow! That was like living in your dream. A few of my student workers are going to CA and I asked all of them to bring me back some sand. If they really do or not is yet to be seen!

Happy weekend! Thanks for your comments on my blog!

--Lisa Kay