Once, before we were married, I asked Ted -
"Ted, is marriage going to be boring?"
Well that was a stupid question.

Have you MET my husband??

Well, in case you haven't, here he is. This is Ted being "cavalier" and I don't think he knows what that means but he told me to be cavalier and I told him I needed inspiration.

Know what else about marriage ISN'T boring?

My insane dog buddy who has a certain affinity for partially cooked pork roast.

Bring pregnant and drinking OJ (or not) so your baby dances on your bladder for 6 hours.

Applying for new jobs and moving.

Having fun dinners with friends and microwaving marshmallows.

When your friend ditches out early on work with you to get your hair cut. And you laugh. At neck hair.

Primary kids at church. Especially when they're little. Junior primary is the best.

When a new nephew is born (welcome to the world, Thomas!!).

Those are just a few not boring things that are sponsored by the lovely institution of marriage. And it's NOT boring, nor, I suspect, will it ever be. ... Because, have you MET my husband?!

STAY TUNED for all the fun (baby) gifts we've recently received. You know you're DYING to see this.


The Evans Family said...

Just wait 'til Little Miss Gwenna gets here and you DEFINITELY won't ever be bored!! :)

Heather said...

Your hair is darling! I like Ted's cavalier look, I think he would be oodles of fun to be around.

k.c. said...

Heather, oh he is. I can't tell you how my husband keeps like interesting because my list would take over the whole blog.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

I'm glad life is still fun. I was just thinking today about how life is different now that I'm I'm definitely not as crazy as I once was, and I don't live for the party or social on Friday (and Saturday) night, blah blah blah, but really life is still so fun. I like this fun. Your Ted really does seem like a neat fellow, and that's good because you deserve that.