Just for me.

This post today is just for me. It's not about informing the masses (come on, you know, the masses that read my blog? .. no? oh well.) or delivering exciting or bland news. It's for me. You can keep reading. I might have posted this before but I don't care. I want to think about it today.

The house in my mind and in my heart is so amazing. It's on a few acres. Not more than about 3 or 4 because that alienates any chance for close neighbors. Maybe the property just sprawls off behind my house.

I have a wrap around porch with a swing out front and windows that open up to the porch. In the summer Ted and I swing out there while the kids play in the front, catching fire flys and wearing themselves out for bed. The dishes can wait. Right now I'm drinking strawberry lemonade in a big iced glass with my husband.

When you enter my house you're not shocked at its size because it's not huge. The main floor has a living room, family room, large kitchen, "formal" dining room, a laundry room, and a bathroom. My kitchen loves me. I have a wood slab island where I do all my baking. My beautiful counter top hovers over a drop sink. My dishwasher is large and quiet. You scarcely know it's on at all. My large refrigerator isn't over stocked because the deep freeze is adequately stocked. Buddy runs around on the wood floors, his nails clicking, and occasionally he takes a spill.

There's no TV in the living room. It's in this room that Ted and I can relax together and laugh, and sometimes snore, after the kids have gone to bed. The computer is in the family room with the rest of the entertainment equipment. We use this room, but outside is so much better, it's not in excess.

Upstairs holds 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a play loft. My master bedroom his a big inset window with a window seat. I like to sit there and read when I find 10 minutes so do so. It over looks the back of the house and sometimes if I can't find the kids I can scout them out back from here. The entire upstairs is carpeted and the padding is soft. My beautiful jetted bathtub is housed in the master bath just off our bedroom. The standing shower yearns to be as comfortable as my bath tub.

Three bedrooms house children's dreams. My kids share rooms because it is a good learning experience and makes them better friends... most of the time. The boys have bunk beds and no one gets the top bunk, they rotate because everyone knows the top bunk rocks. My princesses have cream and pink stripes on their walls and the most beautiful doll house you have ever seen, which took Ted over a year to painstakingly craft.

The last bedroom is a guest room. Grandmas and Grandpa come visit us often. They walk around the lake with the kids and feed the ducks and take us all out for ice cream after dinner. they retire to their comfy quarters with a big soft bed. Sadly, they have to share a bathroom with the kids, at the end of the hall. But that's ok. I don't want more than 3 toilets to clean. Oh, and Buddy sleeps on a big pillow in the hall, guarding the doors to our kids' rooms. He also wakes them up in the morning with little whimpers of barks and nose nudges.

The sun sets late in the evening and slowly, every night. There are sometimes bikes int he yard. Sometimes Ted forgets to close the garage door. I don't get mad at him for that or at the kids for leaving their bikes out because there's no crime in my imagination.


Craig & Lisa said...

Ok--Can my house be next to yours? I want to join this little imagination game. I would like a couple of things to your house:

1. A zip line that goes from my house next door to yours with a seat so that we can go back and forth with little effort.

2. A small pond inbetween our houses so if you get hot you can take a dip from the zip line--hours of entertainment!

3. Hardy Kids for your kids to play with and a Dog for buddy to be pals with.

What do you think? --Lisa Kay

k.c. said...

Oooh I'll take it! Hardys? Hardy kids? Hardy dog? Those are welcome additions to my fantasy.

Kevin & Bethany said...

I envy your imagination!

Amy said...

I want in on this living next door to the Crowders and the Hardys. Although I will probably have all the mischievous little ones because you know they will be the "scourge of the Wes!" However, Buddy will be very fond of them all.

The Evans Family said...

Hey! Your house sounds a lot like my house...except for the dog. We differ there. Cute imaginative tour house tour. :)

k.c. said...

Amy, I can imagine your cute little kids running around with food on their faces and Buddy trying desperately to lick it off. ... You know, something like drippy popsicle? Drippy popsicle kids are a welcome addition to the new and improved hardy-crowder future masterpiece. Ü

Heather said...

For you and every other woman out there dreaming big. Thanks for the tour!